Winter’s Soul


Winter’s Soul

Another winter approaches yet again,
Stark, bleak, cold and mundane,
Summer skies resting till spring,
Hibernating whilst cold times are lingering,
Rain, frosts and snow a lurking,
Waiting for end year merging,

Resting till autumn declines,
Her hold upon crumbling time,
Season approaches gently at first,
Biding time before delivering the curse,
Teasing us with mere drifters,
Snowflakes tenderly whispering,

Grey skies tinged with pink,
Laughter above awarding us the wink!
Winter’s days like these have been,
Before, prickling upon our warmed skin,
Sad but bitterly cold breeze,
Knowingly aware and ill at ease,

Warning us of the late night silence,
And awaking to whitened ground menace,
Blankets of freezing nature lie in wait,
Fresh dawn unspoiled snow always great!
But only for those still warm within,
Unlike others who must trudge this sin,

Feeling the sharpest of pulls upon the chest,
Warm air escaping out through our breath!
Intakes of the coldest ice sprinkles,
Turning insides to easy snap brittle,
Am not fond of Mothers’ harsh control,
Upon my weary and tired soul,

With Spring we see her warming smile,
Summer, she displays her sense of guile,
Autumn, we know she is far from tiring,
But it is Winter she is most admiring!
For she is in her best of elements now,
Wanting us to see all she truly can bestow!

© Rory Matier 2010



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    1. Indeed it is my friend – something l need to know if l may? I call you GrumpyG in response to your kind comments, however would you prefer it if l address you as Anthony?

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