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Nom, Nom, Nom!! You Asked What? Directory

In WordPress every day, every single day we are asked questions, equally as much we are to tax our minds on questions to ask? Now l like questions, and l know many of my readership not only like questions but love answering questions.

I go out of my way to tax my brain hard many a time to ask unique questions, and to a certain degree it’s relatively easy, because many a time l want to ask questions that tax the mind a bit, as well as add a bit of spice to the mundanity of questions. However, l have learned that not everyone finds creating questions, or having the right questions to ask all the time without coming across as repetitive.

This issue becomes more taxing when bloggers are writing up nomination questions, and let’s be honest there are a lot of different awards out there and we have to think at times of a lot of questions. Like many of you too, l get nominated a lot, so l am answering questions all the time as well as having to create questions all the time, but l have a naturally inquiring mind, and whilst l am not nosey, l like to know that at times people are having to think differently with my questions.

However, l know that many bloggers especially those new to the game of asking questions are not always able to produce 5 questions off the bat let alone 11+ questions.

So l figured, that well, why don’t we have a go to page for questions to ask?

So let’s compile one … in the comments section below, show me questions of yours, or questions you would like to be asked but never are ……. it doesn’t matter what questions you add to the comments section below, l will simply divide them up into a catagory and then when anyone is looking for a question to ask of someone else and more so for nomination time, when you have just slaved over answering everyone else’s question, writing the post, selecting lord knows how many bloggers of your own, and then have to ponder on something unique to ask of your nominees, but your mind has frozen, and you find yourself asking questions that may not be sparkling, or imaginative but you just want to get it done.

All the questions whether they are basic, or complex, craxy or nutty will be added to the list and displayed here Nom, Nom, Nom!! You Asked What? Directory

Rory & Doodlepip

15 thoughts on “Nom, Nom, Nom!! You Asked What?

  1. Good idea Rory!

    What are your next door neighbours like? Do you get on with them?
    What would be some of the features of your dream wedding?
    What is your favourite food on toast?
    Do you have any bad driving habits?
    What’s the most romantic thing that someone has done for you?
    Do you have any false body parts?
    Have you ever been harassed at work?
    What kind of food / snacks would you take with you on a picnic?
    Have you ever been the victim of a crime?
    Have you ever had a camera explore parts of you for medical purposes?

    I am sure there are more…
    …but I need to crack on with my ironing?

  2. I’m terrible! I ignored all the questions last year. I had no idea what to say and my life was just too danged stressful to deal with questions!

  3. Many of us are writers with books on Amazon for sale, so I would like to see questions about that.

    Do you have a book for sale on Amazon?

    If so, please give us the title, genre, and a one-sentence description.

    Please put a link to your book so we can find it!


  4. I’ll give this some thought and you can add “Share Your World” to the categories, because that’s weekly and I have four to five questions each week plus a gratitude one. But I’ll come back with some actual questions to put. πŸ™‚

    1. Sure, will have to be tomorrow. I think l am going to have to cut my night short. The doc’s prodding and poking of my arm, has left me in a lot of discomfort.

  5. For all the great photo artists out here – is a great frame or getting a great picture always on your mind or you can enjoy special moments of life, and simple pleasures without your brain nagging you to get a great picture of the moment πŸ€”

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