Dear Blog … 17.51 – 04/12/18


The biggest problem with expectations …………

…………. is actually having them!

I think if l didn’t have them then l wouldn’t be so disappointed at times.

I had stupidly huge expectations for this afternoon’s appointment, and was badly let down. I got back at about 2pm but just didn’t feel like doing anything except taking a nap.

The specialist wasn’t able to prescribe me any stronger medication, which was a let down, so l am still on tablets that are not actually doing the job.

All he basically said was that l had a shoulder problem, and ran through several Latin named diagnosis, and that orthopedic was his department and that l would have to see a spinal guy for the pinched nerve.

That he needed more tests such as x-rays and potentially another MRI, before he could confirm whether l was to receive key-hole surgery, open surgery or injective surgery whatever that is. That l had problems with my rotor cuff, as well biceps tendonitis and something wrong with the back of the shoulder. He confirmed that my shoulder was not in the best places and had seen better days.

Twenty minutes later l walked out of the appointment with the message that in another two months l would hear something.

Another thing l simply fail to understand is why we actually talk to consultants and doctors in the first place if they then don’t communicate everything to the next rung up? Why did l have to go through everything yet again when my notes are in file?

To say l am a tad fucked off is an understatement. Just more pain, great, brilliant! Awesome.

Dear Blog ……

27 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 17.51 – 04/12/18

  1. I am so sorry Rory!
    That must have been such a total let-down.
    I have been backwards and forwards about my head for over three years and sometimes I feel as if I may as well be talking to the man at the delicatessen counter in Sainsburys for all the answers I receive.

    1. I am slowly tiring of the system we have Mel. It is completely different in private, and l think we now have consultants and specialists that begrudgingly see us.

    1. i am past physio with this at present sadly, l am now on the next stage which is supposed to be surgery before being passed back to physio. But when l am back there, they have to deal with the pinched nerve first, it’s starting to become a logistical nightmarish catch 22.

  2. Why can’t hospitals do joined up thinking?! Sorry to hear that you’re in so much pain Rory, hope they get their act together soon – hugs :O) xx

    1. Hey Lisa, l know. I am really starting to struggle with all of this now. It’s my own fault to have thought that there would be a single definitive answer sadly, that’s my bad.

      But also, it’s the NHS, it’s not like it used to be say 30 years ago, and then you have to think well 30 years ago, it was 20 million people less than today as well.

      1. I’m not surprised! Between pain and stress, that’s a lot to cope with!
        For the pain management, have you tried acupuncture? I find it works really well….
        That’s the problem isn’t it? There are just far too many people wanting treatment and far too few doctors who can give it. xx

        1. Hi Lisa,

          I am not sure what to try next in truth. I think we have to have a formal diagnosis first and foremost of what it is. Then if surgery is a requirement then to get that actioned, then to start the repair work of building the arm back up.

          Until then, l have no idea. I am tiring of it all now, that’s all l truly know.

        2. Hi Rory yep it’s tough to know what to do until you know what’s wrong. The only reason I suggested acupuncture is that a good one will treat the pain and also the pissedoffness at the same time.
          Anyway hope you get somewhere soon my friend. Hugs cx

        3. Oh l know Lisa, l have had accupuncture before and can stand by the relief it awards. If l had the finances available, l would stop all this buggering about and simply go private, and get somewhere fast – alas, l don’t ha ha 🙂

        4. It’s so sad that it comes down to that isn’t it; I’m sure you’ve paid into the NHS for years but it takes so long to get something out xx

        5. The NHS is basically breaking, it doesn’t matter how much money is put into it. It suffers from bad management, too many accountants and administrators running the show and basically a service that is no longer working the way it should because there are just too many people pulling from it.

        6. Couldn’t agree more and the £17 billion litigation budget doesn’t help….I’ve always thought that giving companies tax breaks in exchange for private health care could be a way out. That way the State has less people to pay for.

        7. Totally agree, but with the country and government so hyperfocused on Brexit, nothing else is being properly reviewed. Brexit will break this bloody country if something isn’t done and quick.

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