Random Quotes 166#



“Everyone is an individual …….. You Know?”

Rory Matier


“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.”
Jane Goodall

13 thoughts on “Random Quotes 166#

  1. Rory… you’re quite special you know that!? Some of the most amazing people in the world have been ‘labled’ different! Different, Ha! Many people are afraid to be different…to be themselves. One day though…maybe one day everyone will focus on the similarities? Enjoying your delightful blog here!😀

    1. Hey Myth, hope you are keeping well.

      You’re spot on, the biggest problem people have is actually afraid to be different, they will spout on about being different not realising that in many respects they already are and yet it scares them as well, in case they look ‘different’ to their peers 🙂

      1. Peers …we are all the ‘peers’! Everyone is following someone, but who is it that really leads? And if most people are following the ‘leader’ , who will take the responsibility for a world of such chaos?😉 Wonderful quotes that you always bring to the table! Maybe irrelevant, but I recently saw a photo of Lady Ga Ga, and she looks so much like Kim Kardashian.(the look) Fads, fashion, the cars we drive, etc. All play a role in herding society in with the message to not go ‘against the grain’, be like the majority, don’t be yourselves! It’s not ok! What do you think Sir Rory?😀

        1. Totally agree and of course the theme that quote is right ‘herding society’. Society loves being herded, because society doesn’t always want to think for themselves, so they rely on the comfort of what is known, even to the point of where they hate it, they will still do it because it’s always safer in numbers.

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