name three…here we go again!

Items of clothing that are pointless?

neckties are pointless…British judge’s wigs are pointless, and so are girdles. If ya NEED a girdle it’s far too late to fake being slender!

suziland too or obsolete childhood

A Guy Called Bloke has put together a “daily fun” posting where he throws out a category and we provide three examples… is today’s challenge;

Name Three …

Potato Dishes?

Types of Flowers?

American Authors?

Rivers in England?

Animals species that begin with the letter P?

Popular sports played on a field?

School Subjects that you were terrible at?

Types of tropical fruit?

Things that grown on trees?

Things that are pink?

Cartoon characters?

Muppet Characters?

Items of clothing that are pointless?

Gifts that cost less than a £5/$5 or five of your currency that make ideal presents?

and my answers are……….

mashed, fried, and Au Gratin

silk, dead, and stinky

Edgar Allan Poe, Willa Cather, Ray Bradbury

Tees, Wye, Tamar

peacock, platypus, pollywog!

there are no popular sports played on a field….sorry, none….none at all. did you mean popular in the rest of the world, perhaps? then is might…

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