White Elephant Challenge


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Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith has gone and created another little gem for us to diddle with!

Teresa explains it like this …. Every day I kick the party off by listing three fellow bloggers and the gift I give them. No one is obligated to participate (though if people do, it’ll be more fun). If the gift recipient wants to participate, they will pick three bloggers and give them gifts. And so on until the following day. At that time I will share some of the funnier gifts that people have given or received.

I tagged Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen and she’s plum gone and tagged me back with this …


So my three gifts go to the following bloggers ……..

Adventurous scribbling for my pal Richa of iScriblr as she is always up for writing about her travels!


A pair of winged running shoes for Laurie of Meditations in Motion who always needs to pip it to the line pronto!


And a magic ‘Pause’ for Lady D of 3C Style who is always looking for some quality ME time when she is not having run herself ragged keeping all the apples in the air.


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