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One of the best things about questions is the ability to stray off the beaten track. To not ask the same questions over and over again, that might lead to mundanity! I can’t stand mundanity which is why l am constantly thinking or trying to think of new creative ways to get my fellow bloggers amused, active and involved. Now back by popular demand but different — the crazy questions!

There are no rules, no taggings, if you want to Reblog or Share out by all means feel free to do so. The only request l have is to include a ping back so l don’t miss out on any of the battiness! Failing that, by all means please feel free to simply answer the questions below.

7 and Three Quarters Nutty Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

7 and Three Quarters Nutty Questions

Don’t just answer these questions with quick one word answers, but give them some body! Throw yourself into it.

Are you a Night Ninja or a Day Pirate?

What was the programme on TV that you watched as a youngster that would have you dancing around like a lunatic when it aired?

Do you believe that insects come back as ghosts to haunt the houses that caused their demise?

What are  three things you like about being an adult?

What were three things that you liked when you were a kid?

So are you a messy so and so, or a tidy freak?

What is your favourite colour if you took blue out of it?

You can name any number between 1 and 10, as long as it isn’t 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, what is your favourite number and why does it make you who you are?

Do you like the feel of silk on your body?

What is the nuttiest present you have ever received?

What is the nuttiest present you have ever given?

Answers please on the reverse side to the reverse side of the reverse side.

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