4 Paws Diary – Ep 27


Episode 27

4 Paws Diary

30th November

Today is my Birthday – I Am 15!!!

Dad said l could paw up a post today on the kompootah! He said that my following would love to congratulate me on being 15. I am not going to post one of those, l bet l can’t even get one like we see in Facebook or Twitter – but l am going to say Hi! Today l am 15!

Here are some of my best photographs!


Me Defiant after ‘Bathtime’ 2018


Me Chilling Out Summer 2018


Me and Dad Summer 2018


Me Standing Proud next to my Fluff Puppy after Grooming 2018


Me poking my tongue out at Mr Clickitty 2017


Me and my Cool Mummy 2015


Me and my Adventurous Dad 2015


Me and Dad together 2015


Me sitting proud 2013

There are plenty of others of me you can find in my K9 Adventures and my 4 Paws Diary episodes if you wish to check them out.

Anyway, not a lot else for this 4 Paws episode except l am 15 yay! In my dog years that makes me close to 85!

20 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 27

  1. Hey Scrappy, we share the same birthday – well, but for a coupla days! I had kangaroo steak cake – what about you? What was your good stuff gift? Kong with cheese? Yummmmmmmm…

    1. Hey Pepsi, l had two chicken breasts and cheese for dinner to die for! Dad says he liked Kanga steak from many years ago, said l probably would too.

      So Happy Birthday from me to Happy Birthday to you too 🙂

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