Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..



Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..

New Game – Pilot episode

There’s been a terrible murder ……… well we are pretty sure anyway!

That’s down to you to decide……

During our investigation the following names have come up in connection to our five main questions ..

These being;

Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen

KK of Finding French Charming

Melanie of Sparks from a Combustible Mind

Mel of Crushed Caramel

Kristian of Tales from the Mind of Kristian



Our lead investigator Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith has been nominated by The Blog Team to crack the case! From you we need to know the following concerning these five ‘perps’  …….

Who is the victim?

Who is the murderer?

Who is the location?

Who is the murder weapon?

Who is the motive?

Teresa, using your remarkable powers of detection, deduction and imagination, we would like you to submit a report [story] outlining to us the answers to our five main questions, and so help us to crack the case!

For goodness sake if you are also able to …… tell us how they were killed?

Are you up to the task?

19 thoughts on “Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..

    1. What l am looking for is to have the 5 main questions answered, so your imagination is to be set alight here.

      Who is the location – well you could make out the location as ‘Bitchin in the ””kitchen”’ of Finding ””French”’ charming. What is the murder weapon, well we have a ‘crushed’ in the line up – are you with me?

      So you make a evidence story addressing the 5 questions, and using the 5 bloggers. However you decide to write it, you are the alternative ending toit all anyway 🙂

  1. Just so it’s known…I’m real careful with anything flammable, but I don’t guess that ‘saved’ me anyway. 😉 How cool. I’m looking forward to reading what Teresa comes up with! 😀 Thanks Rory!

  2. This exercise reminds me of a book called The Floating Admiral.
    It was written by several mystery authors of the day.
    Each one contributed a chapter.
    The only two authors I remember are Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers but there were several other notables.

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