Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree – Why Do You Cause Such Misery?!

If it was going to happen to anyone ……need l carry on?

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Lana from Welcome To Our Campfire asked about Christmas trees and my answer would have been too long for her poor comments box!

We have a fake tree because I have a weird allergy to real ones. My hands and face swell up if I touch them and it’s painful. The bizarre thing is that last year I got the hands swelling thing from the fake tree. I think it’s because I put so many lights on it that I was dressing it too long.

I was a bit like Clark Griswold. I had 800 lights on a six foot tree. ‘im indoors thinks there was 400 and he was tutting because I went so overboard with four hundred…

Moving on. Swiftly!

We have a history of Christmas tree disasters. I always had an artificial tree in England. I had a fantastic one that looked so real, people swore I…

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