Fact-Check Before You Leap

Ever thought of working from home? been tempted to do so?

Check your facts first is always good advice, but for seriously sound fact checking advice have a gander at this post.

The Haunted Wordsmith

If you are like me, you are always wanting to find a way to make money online doing what we do best, but it’s not easy and really, few people are making a go of it. Online behaviors (adblocking, incognito browsing, no tracking apps, etc.) are also changing quickly which makes “old” ways of doing things, virtually obsolete.

I would love to earn a living online through my creative writing, and one day, I might…I don’t require a lot of money to live. But, I am not the customer, work-from-home advertisers are looking for. You see, I love to fact check, and nothing is worse than a fact checker for these types of opportunities. My advice, if you are wanting to work from home, is to become a fact checker.

Now, there are all kinds of passive streams of income that can be earned online, and all of them very…

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