Dear Blog … 12.38 – 29/11/18

Fuckwittery at its very best!

Dear grief, give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves …… eventually!

I am annoyed at myself now, am seriously annoyed, l knew l should have done it, but she was insistent “I can do this you know, l am perfectly capable!”

Why did l believe someone who couldn’t even rehome a bloody cat?

“I can handle the probate, l can handle the solicitors!”

“Well it’s officially apparent Sis, you can’t and now you have screwed up!”

I told my Sister frequently in the last few weeks  to pay the bloody solicitors, to get the ball rolling. She ignored me or grumpily snapped back, l have this under control! I said if she didn’t take action on things, the natural course of progression would occur and the HMRC would notify  the bank and freeze Dad’s account, so do make sure that the funeral, the wake and the solicitors are paid, then chop up the cards and send everything back to the solictors with all signed forms.

Just had a call from her, “Have you frozen Dad’s account??

“No? I have not got the ability or permission to do that, l am not handling that side of things ……. you are, why?”

“Well the bank has just swallowed Dad’s card!! That’s why, those bloody solicitors have done it!!”

“No they haven’t, have you done the things l told you to do last week? You know, the important things to do before the account is frozen? Those things?” I tentatively asked.

“Well not yet no, l do work you know?”

“Yes l know you work, but it’s been a month and some since Dad’s death, and this ball should not be just rolling but gaining momentum. I have done everything l said l would do. I offered to do this and this would have been signed and sealed  before bloody Christmas. You said NO, you were in control. So l will tell you what has happened shall l? The bank have been notified by HMRC that our Father is now classed as deceased. Therefore the account is frozen. You have had weeks to sort this out. You don’t contact me unless l contact you, so now, you can call the solicitors and ask how to proceed!”

She rang back and in typical Dad fashion said the solictor had sent the death certificate to the bank! I answered with of course he would, he is doing the job we are paying him to do. You can’t blame him or anyone else, we are all doing what we said we would do and are paid to do. It’s you who has screwed up, no one else!

She hung up with that.

Absolute fuckwittery at its very bloody best!

Dear Blog ……

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.38 – 29/11/18

        1. Yes very much so. I have since rung the solictors office, and smoothed things over and paid the fee he needed. I have learned to keep solictors happy, and since all of this began, l have been in contact with him frequently as my sister has been failing to comply with that side of the bargain.

          She is incapable ot handling responsibility now that her biggest bail out has sadly died. She will now learn things the hard way, and okay hands up l have let some things happen. But she wanted this responsibility, and l let her have it, even though at the time l had reservations.

          I am not bailing her out, l am making sure that the probate and inheritance proceedure continues.

  1. After my dad died, I was the one handling the situation. None of my 4 siblings did a thing to help. They all mucked up their parts. I feel for you

    1. Hey Suze, yes she has completely and utterly mucked this up, and instead of taking any kind of accountibility for her actions, she is looking to blame everyone else.

      In many ways it’s laughable, and next year some time, l am sure l will laugh about it 🙂

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