Liebster Nomination #2 & #3

Sa gives credit to vibrancy with her posts, and this response to the Liebster Nomination os no different 🙂

The banjo selection at the bottom is a complete must watch.Mean Mary has an incredible voice and great scale.

Culture Shocks

Good evening everyone! Feeling honored because I’ve been nominated for a 2nd Liebster Award by Rory @A Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!and a 3rd award from Dr. Tanya @ Salted Caramel It feels wonderful to enjoy recent accomplishments with my blog. Sometimes, it takes other creative individuals to bring out the best in you.

Rory has given me a lot of food for thought with thought-provoking questions I never thought of asking myself these past few months. I’ve been befuddled with some of his fun questions, but nevertheless I enjoy them. He shares some interesting quotes and musical selections. He has an interesting take on a variety of topics and he has a wonderful habit of promoting new bloggers in the morning and end of his day!His questions explores my happiness at different stages of my life, colors, inspirational things, curiosity, vices, and a banjo player. Yes……

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