Guess The Blogger – Revealed = Draw.


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Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

With GTB – S2 l will select at random a blog and then present to the readership three to four image clues and from these your role will be to ‘guess the blogger’.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves and explain how you came to know who the blogger is/was.

Our lastGuess The Blogger – Series 2 which was actually Tanvir of Beauty Lies Within Yourself that was successfully guessed by Dominique of 3C Style

Did you see it?

The Game starts with between 3 – 6 image clues, as it progresses, l will award clues in the post under ‘Additional Clues’ equally as much as in response to the comments by other bloggers, so make sure to watch out for all of those things to help with your guess.

Always look at each clue provided and think about all the words associated with the image as well as variations of the words, perhaps representations of the word, don’t always think too literally. Some words you will have to think hard on and try and establish where my mind is at to award you the image l have done. Some clues will be cryptic. In most cases, it will be one clue for one word, however at times it may be several images to represent one word.

So, who do you think this is?

Clue Set 1



Clue Set 2



Can YOU guess our Mystery Blogger?

The reasons l create games like this are for a little bit of what l like to call as MBF – Mind Boggling Fun. The games are there to challenge the readership and for those interested in trying to ‘guess’ the answers with a small mystery that is awaiting to be cracked.

Guess The Blogger – Series 1 as a game was designed to display 20 facts provided by the bloggers themselves about their blogs. This game ran for roughly 20 episodes, and then l drew it to a close when more bloggers wanted me to provide the facts about their blogs rather than themselves and this became somewhat time consuming, and in some ways defeatist. Sure l could take time out and dig the facts from their posts, but those facts would not be the same as those provided by the owner, because they were seen by my eyes who likes to twist clues and therefore could make things very difficult.

So l decided a new game was in order for the series and so was born into the mix, the second game Guess The Blogger – Series 2, known as GTB-S2, where upon l would pick out a random blog from my followers and present to the readership a series of image clues that would and could lead the detectives to the actual blogger themselves, and then provide additional clues that would assist them further.

Now this game upped the bar a bit, and as the game progressed and as such evolved l cranked the notch. For the first week we had  ‘Easy Week’, a few games to set the pace with, to wet the tongue and then the game commenced, now as of this morning GTB-S2 has 9 episodes to the series, but this will be the last game of Series 2 and GTB-S3 will begin later on this week with a new and improved set of rules and game play.

With games such as these you are able to assess how a blogger reviews clues, reviews the game, what they like and what they don’t like, how long they like to see a game run for and what will keep them motivated to continue to play. Both Series 1 and 2 have provided me with valuable clues for all of these questions.

Above all else, the games are meant for some light hearted fun, a fill the empty time of the day moment – they are not intended to keep people awake all night, or to cause them head banging frustration, they are for fun, but equally they ARE about challenge.

I originally had in mind four distinct game types for the Guess The Blogger series, and we are now 50% the way through that design. In all l figured maybe 40 odd episodes before l introduced a completely different series, and so far we are on track.

However to today’s Revealing of the Mystery Blogger ……….

Sometime last night when l was offline Mel of Crushed Caramel threw into the pot a lucky guess … Mel all day yesterday had been throwing at me 2 worded blog titles in the hopes that she might strike it lucky, and she did. However, l was going to call a close to this particular episode last night at 9pm and display it as an Unguessed Mystery Blogger this morning, and Mel asked me to not do that, and l promised her an extra 12 hours in case she should crack it.

So in essence by pure luck Mel managed to grasp a win, and with that l will call the game a Draw. One of the rulings was to explain how you came to the conclusion of your guess, and whilst l also acknowledge there is an element of luck involved at times, that is chance alone.

Our Mystery Blogger 

Afzal Moolla

Scribbled Verse

Original Clue Set 1


A Scrabble board displaying the words Carpe Diem – a prime clue

Scrambled letters, words, latin phrase, latin writing, to write = answers sought Sribble,  Scribe or “Scrib”


A Cupcake with a Squiggle Icing pattern – a seconday clue

Squiggle writing is a form that allows early writers to develop their writing, those learning to write ‘cursive’ as an example mostly ‘squiggle’.


Lovers dancing the Tango – a nuance

A throw off clue leaning towards ‘latin dancing’ and to lean the reader further to think more of early writing.


Lake Bled – a prime clue

It was Bled that l was after, as that when combined with scribe, scribble or just scrib make one word – Scrib/Bled = Scribbled.

Original Clue Set 2


A Bell – a secondar clue


Runes – a seconday clue


Sheet of Music – a prime clue

These three images combined or even seperate, irrelevant to primary or secondary was to make the reader hopefully detect ‘Verse’ as they are all connected with that word in one way or another.

Bell = jingles can be used to describe ‘verse’

Runes – an early form of verse in some ways due to the strange scratchings on the bone, when cast they would spell out to the caster a verse of truth or prediction.

Sheet of music – musical verses.

However l will award huge credits to both Mel of Crushed Caramel and Dominique of 3C Style for their dogged determination and fantastic humour and banter in the path to cracking our Mystery Blogger, and my thanks also extend to my brother Afzal for his excellent humour during this particular episode of GTB S2

Thanks All

171 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger – Revealed = Draw.

          1. I am not so sure if it’s so much that Sadje, in many cases it’s looking at words and then acting out the role of a wordsmith detective, pushing your brain and knowledge to the limit in some cases, and yet in others it’s not even that. There is always going to be an element of luck as well. Observation is a keen element also. There is more to it that just being super clever 🙂

  1. Ooooooooh!
    Two words?
    could the last word end with “mel” of melody? That’s my only guess so far!
    …it is going to take me ages to understand the rest of these clues.

          1. Oh is that where it is coming from!
            I think Lady D is unnerving you!
            Hmm….I am going to tell you what I see in each of the pictures on the first look…

          2. Me, unnerved ? Not all, Game On, Challenge On is all 🙂

            …….man muttering in corner, shaking head in bafflement, talking to himself, ‘not a third time, not a third, surely not a third time, surely … what’s that Scrappy am l losing the plot? No, l always talk to myself in fairytale language, go back to sleep!

          3. Suze is at work, trying to stay awake – jet lag has caught her with a zonking right hook sadly, but she couldn’t get any more days off to combat it with.

          4. Yes so do l, she was tired before she left, she was tired out there, she is tired and tireder. To make matters worse, Scrappy then proceeded to wake her up three times during the night.

          1. Scrabble…or alphabet…or letters…or carpe diem – seize the day





            I don’t know what they, some kind of blocks or a game?

            Notes…sheet music…score…melody…tune

          2. All of those are excellent, they are in facts words that are all associated with the images, now the secret is to tie in the magical words to make one Blogger’s Blog.

            But the clue is this ………… there are even more words to the words you have just furnished here.

          1. You are, but you have to decide how.

            You are close, that l can give you.

            Rather abstract l know, and sort of relating to this slightly, but have l said yet that my Candian traffic numbers today are astonishingly high?

          2. Yes, lol … but so too are you, l was trying to figure out what the noise was l heard coming out of screen, it’s you dashing through the universe of your mind 🙂 Just given you a ….

          3. Well, that’s the intrinsic beauty of clues isn’t it – the clues that are right in front of you and cannot be seen, like not seeing the woods for the trees or the age old question of if a tree falls in the forest does it still make a sound, or even the one that is dared to be answered by those brave enough of does a bear poop in the woods?

          4. The thing is….I don’t think i follow this blogger. I have looked through all the bloggers that I follow and I can’t see how it could be any of them!

  2. Hello! I was thinking that perhaps I should take a bath, relax a bit and make you wait a little more before I reply to your challenge. But it would be mischievous to make you wait, right? You and Mel made me laugh so hard… I woke up my hubby! OK here’s my guess. I think the Mystery Blog is Harping by a Pixie. Fingers crossed.

    1. Yes l saw you taking the path of the Truly Inspired Lady D, you still owe me an interview by the way on one of those …. but it’s not actually the Pixie 🙂

      A bath, now that does sound lovely, l would have one of those myself if we had one, as l could relax these weary bones of mine, alas it’s a showering all the way here.

      Go relax, chill out, think on why it’s not the Pixie 🙂

      1. Oh really? At one point I thought it was Mel of Crush Caramel but Harping the Pixie was fitting so well with your clues. Harping: word, talk, write (scrabble) persistently… like old people sometimes (sorry), harp = music and Pixie: the noun = brownie, goes with the alphabet of origin unknown… You kept taking about fairytale with Mel. OK I’ll go back to work on all the code (alphabet, music…) Why am I doing this again? 😉

        1. Because you like the challenge.

          Nice logic with regards the guess.

          Mel would be quite difficult, Crushed Caramel – oddly enough l was thinking of doing [sorry Mel, l know how that must read oooher Missus!] Mel, but decided against it for the time being, ye Gods if this is guessed, l would dread to think how utterly complex Mel’s blog might become! 26 images per word is perhaps a tad excessive to make it harder for some … no names … erm!

          1. Don’t tell me the answer. I don’t want to know yet. How much time do I still get? May I remind you that I have not sleep at all last night because of your challenge. And no in case you are wondering it was not much satisfying! Hihi – I will strangle you, you know that right?

          2. Ha ha What? You think l give the answers away? I only give the answers away on this game when they have been guessed correctly and lol, even then l am reluctant! 🙂

            This is GTB S2 m’Lady D, there are no real freebies – oh ho ho no no, when it launched we had a period called easy week to break people into it, then we had the game start, and each time we get a correct answer, l crank the notch up a little, when we get speedy answers l crank it up again 🙂

            Give away an unguessed answers?? No, l would rather wrestle naked coverd in honey in an ants nest with a honey badger!

            You have all the time in the world, unless someone swoops in and nabs it ……. l am sorry you didn’t sleep though.

            However l am intrigued, when you say strangle me, are we like referring to murderous intent or is this some strange Canadian ritual of friendship?

          3. I am still plagued with images of Fandango doing his naked skiing…
            …now images of Rory naked wrestling with a badger…
            …I am not going to be able to sleep!

          4. Furthermore, l haven’t even told the blogger in question that they are the mystery blogger – no, no l am enjoying this too much now, and l learned my lesson when it comes to the keenly astute eye of some readers 🙂 lol 🙂 Have l said lol yet?

          5. You have indeed said it many times. Lol. Let me ask you two questions: Are YOU following the blogger? And just to be sure it is a real blog not a site like Crossword Heaven?

          6. Just making sure. I didn’t knew either Crossword Heaven. But you mentioned Wordsmith in a comment and that got my attention. I knew I had seen a blogger with this name on your blog before. Just couldn’t remember the person. I think the mystery blogger is The Hunted wordsmith.

          7. Absolutely nothing, it’s a new thing, as the game is progressing and both gathering speed and popularity it is evolving. So l now communicate to the blogger that l have chosen their blog, l ask them to keep it secret and not show a liking for it, but if they wish they can watch it as it develops.

            I show them the complete breakdown to how the clues were created and the thoughts behind it 🙂

          8. Although now however l email them 🙂

            You know why don’t you? 🙂

            You are so challenge orientated it’s awesome! This is why you have an excellent blog, it’s the attention to detail 🙂

          9. I’ll help you out a little: [of sorts]
            You may recall l worked as a profiler so l tend to get a serious kick out of watching how minds work in relationship to these kinds of puzzles. I use that to further create word puzzles for my readership and in so doing l see into their minds more.


            May not help, but if of any consolation, it certainly shows me how you like to see puzzles in the future 🙂

          10. You are right it doesn’t help much. That said, I also see into your mind more cher Rory. Ce n’est pas un sens unique. It works both ways. 😉

          11. Yes it does, and YES [another one coming up] LOL, l knew it wouldn’t help much ………. what?
            Absurdité? Moi? My French is poor sadly, l only know kitchen French … 🙂

            The Mystery Blogger is finding all of our banter very entertaining Dominque.

            I was going to suggest you show me your words but not your logic and then give you a rating % if they are the right ones to be seeing … But l feel that the challenger in you may not like to display that in case someone comes on the scene and grabs it from under your nose.

            I feel if that were to happen, well l may well be strangled!

          12. Hihi… Sorry Rory. I won’t strangle you. I have the feeling you might enjoy it. I have something else in mind for you. Comme tu connais le français des livres de recettes, disons qu’il y aura une pincée de torture intense. Try to read my mind now. You can use Google to translate if you like. It won’t tell you much! Lol.

          13. Mm, well that certainly sounds deliciously tasty – oh what can l say, l am now all a quiver!

            How do you know l will not enjoy the pinching?


            Never ask me to read another’s mind, goodness gracious l might actually tell them, l have learned long ago to not do that anymore … not you but l have known people to dare me, so l have told them all sorts, and they have become very hostile.

            Il est vraiment préférable de profiler une personne en personne, car beaucoup peut être perdu pour la traduction sur du texte, vous savez?

          14. Not bad. But Google doesn’t translate perfectly. There is loss information. Everything is in the nuances. As a profiler you must know that. Never will I be hostile. This is a game and I am challenging myself. I am not trying to unnerving you.

          15. Of course, an online translator is never precision orientated, otherwise translators would never have any work 🙂

            The nuance is always lost in translation, like texting – with so many variations it is too often misinterpreted – some people have a tendency to add a X at the end of each text, annoys the crap out of me, some use too many emoticons and others way too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See what l mean.

            I know you would not be hostile Lady D 🙂

            Panic not, l am far from unnerved, l too am enjoying this, however you must remember this is a game, and not lose sleep over it 🙂

          16. Carefull Rory, I think you have been victim of a bad Google translation. Why would you write: “How do you know l will not enjoy the pinching?” This sentence that you wrote worries me a little since it falsely suggests that I said something that I did not say at all. Obviously, you used Google to translate one of my sentences written in French into English. I used a vocabulary that referred to recipe books: “A pinch” = a dash of… NOT PINCHING. This is a fine example that I was referring to in terms of nuances. Oh my goodness, this Google translate could get us both in trouble.

          17. Indeed Lady D, l saw the translation, and l figured that a pinch of this and that, would be way better than strangulation 🙂

            Hence ‘plural pinches, pinching … it ‘s all banter but and however you are right, there can be a lot lost in both translation and cultural humour 🙂

            I am sorry if l caused you alarm, not intended 🙂

          18. No worries. As long as it does not create a problem of communication between friends. I’m the kind to like joking so there is no problem. By the way, the phrase “I’m going to strangle you” is something you say to a friend to kindly tell him: I’ll get you for this! Perhaps, it does not have the same meaning in English. I’ve got to go back to work now. Speak later.

          19. There is no problem Lady D at all.

            Ps: I too am fully aware that the strangulation phrase gives weight to the ‘l am so going to get you back for this!’ humour.

            So panic not, my response “Oh yeah, you and whose army?’ Another typical response for this kind of ‘joshing around’ = joking around and Tomfoolery 🙂 [Joshing] or l’d like to see you try topped off with a playful punch on the arm, you know one of those shadow punches that carries no weight and is not meant to inflict pain 🙂

  3. Okay, you’ve gone way beyond me….and yes, cleverly done my friend. Question: Do WE (the followers of Rory’s blog) KNOW this blog well or is it a hidden gem, like Finding French? I wasn’t following her until your Guess the Blogger, so I didn’t know about her really.

    Carpe Diem OR Scrabble board
    Cupcake, Hostess, Cream
    Age, dancing, love
    Peace, serenity, water, lake, pond
    Bell, ring, golden
    Runes, mystic, witchy
    Singing, music, score, choir

    NOW. I am throwing all sorts of words out there, but I’m fairly certain I don’t know a blog that incorporates them…. looking forward to this one’s answer! 🙂

    1. Hey Melanie, hope you and the Princess are keeping well 🙂

      Do my followers know of the blog? Yes some do, if they follow that blog.

      However do my followers know the blog well? That’s the question. It’s an extremely active blog, but l am not sure if everyone who follows my blog follows the Mystery Blog.

      All excellent words, some very close indeed to cracking this mystery.


    1. Hey Clare that’s an interesting guess. It’s not them though, l must look that blog up.

      Scrappy wants me to tell Teddy and Molly that she is currently pawing up their interview to be posted live in an hour or so 🙂

    1. How does it make sense?
      Fandango of This, That and The Other is a five worded blog, when our mystery blogger is only a two worded blog?

      ……………. nothing lost in translation there, l don’t think …. ha ha 🙂

      1. So here is my logic… Fandango (two words Found and Tango)
        Fand (in German) = Found As in Found the right word in Scrabble. Found Love (picture of the dancing couple). Found the castle. Found my way despite the fog (picture of castle, fog, water). Also mean … Fond of Cupcake.
        Tango = music … Related to Bells
        I do not know well Fandango and thought his blog name was The Fandango. I’m working today and I have no time to check. Honestly, I’m trying to put this challenge behind me. So I could go on with my life! 😉 So I’m leaving my thoughts here and hoping it might help Mel and the others in finding the mystery blogger. Could be that: The cupcake icing = white = snow
        The dancers are wearing white scarves. The white piece in the game of Scrabble is valuable. Somehow I think the words White or Snow are clues. But I do not know if you follow a blog named Snowman (two words in one) SnowWhite… In both cases it would work with music as man plays music and in research “White noise” is relate to music as well. Let’s hope my translation makes sense to you now.

        1. Ok, l see where the logic was 🙂

          Well, l know Mel has a time post coming out later asking for help, and the deadline for shutdown is 9am UK time and if not guessed l will reveal the answer.

          Even the Mystery Blogger was very impressed with the clues.

      1. I know…I am convinced I do not follow this blog – because even with your clues I am lost!
        Have I already said Miraculous Smile (Christy Istrate?)

        1. No, it’s not Christy either – if there is no correct answer by later tonight l am going to call this Game a winner to my Blog and reveal the answer directly – there is a good chance that you do not follow this blog Mel.

          I can give you 10/10 for doggest persistence though 🙂

          1. Well….I have prepared a post appealing to other bloggers to help me out with this one. I have scheduled to be published in the early hours of the morning – so hold off another day please 🙂

        2. When the clues are revealed however, they will make sense … here’s an extra clue “When is a word not a word? When it is another word entirely.”

          Meaning, that at times there are many ways to describe words, it is simply a case of finding the other words 🙂

      1. Goodness, I am so tired! I really have to turn my lap-top off and go to sleep.
        But if this attempt is not correct, it really is back to Square One!

      1. You were lucky with that last guess Mel, as that is when you hit on it 🙂

        As you will see however, l have called it a Draw and awarded both you an Dominque extra points for humour, persistence and banter 🙂

          1. Well….for a start you gave him a shout out last night…
            and the photo of Lake Bled!
            You had asked us earlier which lake it was…and I remember thinking, how on earth would we know which lake that is. So when you had it in you goodnight post…
            the little cogs finally clicked…
            scr- for scrabble

            and I could see the second word could be verse with the last photo especially

            but the cupcake…I really couldn’t link it. I am still suspicious you knew I would become transfixed with any photo of cake!

        1. That cupcake totally distracted me…
          …but that’s the same in real life, cake does distract me from my purpose! I suspect you threw the cake in knowing my weakness!

  4. Two days. That’s how long it took me to guess this riddle. Well, I think I have found it. Not 100% sure yet. If there’s one thing I’ve learned with you, Rory, there’s no certainty. None. There are, however, many possibilities. I believe the Mystery Blogger is: Betty of GuidelinesWeb. It took a lot of Overthinking! But the words I had identified from the pictures helped me.

    All these words were subjective. To solve the enigma, I had to rely on facts. 1. Latin Connection 2. Blog name made of two words 3. A riddle (told by Rory in a reply to Mel’s comment): When is a word not a word? When it is another word entirely?

    My Intuition (from the identified words): This is probably a blog that uses a lot of quotes, communicates a positive message of peace, love and happiness. In short, a blog that helps and inspires to be in harmony with oneself and the world. Great. It’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack!

    Strategy: Make word associations with the words I have identified. I found a few: snowman, timeline, guideline, streamflow, borderline, centerline, woodnote… I didn’t knew the blog GUIDELINEWEB yet. I was in despair.

    So I took each of these words and searched on WordPress if there was such a blog. Bingo! GUIDELINEWEB. I caught myself spending almost an hour yesterday reading blogposts on this site. I like the link with grandmothers. I was raised by my paternal grandmother. Guidelineweb’s mission perfectly matches the expression Live the day. Does Rory follows this blog? Yes indeed. Perhaps, I have solved the mystery. Don’t know yet. Fingers crossed. Note: You can find many Blogs on WordPress with the name Snowman. Just thought you might like to know. 😀 Have a beautiful day, Rory!

    1. This was an excellent configuration Lady D, sadly it was wrong however, but both you and Mel made this particular episode brilliant for humour and banter alone 🙂

      1. You and Mel made me laugh so hard my stomach still hurts! Hopefully, Mel might have found the mystery blogger. I hope. How long before you tell us who it is?

  5. LOL Congratulations Mel! I read one of Afzal beautiful poems this week on your blog. But I only saw his name not his Blog name. On my way to visit Afzal’s blog. 😀

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