Good Morning Folks


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Howdy Doody, Hello and Hi everyone from Doodlepip and myself here in the UK!

What? You recognise the image from our GTB-S2 Mystery Blogger? You are right, but how does it tie in?

Have a terrific day folks!

Let’s all get into the groove folks and kick it up with Chuck Berry!

………so y’all waking up yet?

What you are not jiving yet? What – are you dead from the top of your head down??

That’s it, put the hot drink down and really let yourself go!


The New Morning Tag

My New Morning Tag Goes To The Following Bloggers …Drop on by and say hi! If you are not yet familiar with these blogs, well guess what? That’s what WordPress is all about! Exploration, discovery, community and friendship! That’s not corny ! That’s fact!

Emily of Zombie Flamingos

Josh of The Jaguar and its Allies

Ashley – Mental Health @ Home


18 thoughts on “Good Morning Folks

        1. Currently coffee is my poison Lady D, l need it to quaff down my sleepiness. I am not sleeping properly now due to my right shoulder having no distinct shape just awarding me pain. 🙂

          But thank you for the offer 🙂

          1. Oh l am sure you can however, l am a real old fashioned sort when it comes to coffee, no milk, a dare l say it’ pinching of sugar, but no fancy caffeins for me, l think the term is Americano? 🙂

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