What were your best Christmas/December experiences?



What were your best Christmas/December experiences?

No! You’re not seeing things – YES – it’s a Christmas Tree – that time of the year is actually nearly upon us! Just another month!

Tell me, your best experiences of Christmas or just December if you wish, so that come next month during the challenge dates, l can respost your responses as quotes and we can have one, two or even three of these experiences of cheer every day of the challenge.

It’s doesn’t have to be a Christmas Day experience, but it can be. It could be something special that happened to you, or something that you made happen for someone else. Maybe it’s a story that you have about doing voluntary work, or doing some charitable thing for others – whatever it is – let me know, and yeah you guessed it this is one of those posts that will be reblogged from now until the first week of December 2018.

So what you are saying is that no one has ever had a fantastic experience in December or over the Christmas period? Like seriously?

Rory & Doodlepip

4 thoughts on “What were your best Christmas/December experiences?

  1. Of course we have…I think this past few days were just odd for Americans…anyway mine is in the wings, waiting for December 1st (I don’t do ‘Christmas” ((without any Xs thank you very much)) until December 1st). But my post? Already long and just awaiting a few touches. If you’d like it earlier, just let me know and I’ll email ya a version… Thanks Rory!! <3

    1. As and when is fine Melanie, what l will do is take quotes from a person’s story, tag it onto the bottom of a challenge post with a call out tag to the person, so they are dinged when it’s live 🙂

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