Good Morning Folks



Howdy Doody, Hello and Hi everyone from Doodlepip and myself here in the UK!

Do you realise how lucky we all are?  We have a wonderful community here in WordPress, lovely people each with something to say, a story to tell, a tale to pass along, a journey to express, hints and tips and always a warm welcome to all who stop by to say hello.

What else do we need in life? So remember where ever you are in this world of ours give someone a smile today, be this in the words you write, a smile or a laugh that you share or to a complete stranger – it’s the smallest things – trust me – that can make the biggest differences.

Ok, so how many people did you make smile yesterday, and how many did you smile at? How many smiled back?

Today – wash, rinse, repeat!

Have a terrific day folks!

I figured, why not some classic oldies this morning, a bit of…

Doris Day

Audrey Hepburn

Dean Martin

Frank Sinatra


The New Morning Tag

My New Morning Tag Goes To The Following Bloggers …Drop on by and say hi! If you are not yet familiar with these blogs, well guess what? That’s what WordPress is all about! Exploration, discovery, community and friendship! That’s not corny ! That’s fact!

Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian


KK of Finding French Charming

Victoria of Ray Not Bradbury

18 thoughts on “Good Morning Folks

  1. Hello Rory. Hope you slept well. Today, I have to work so unfortunately I wont be able to keep searching for the Mystery Blogger. I did tried, gave my best but alas I have to admit I’m lost. Nada, no idea who it is. My last guess might be Bliss of Winters Writes but I doubt it is this blogger as I don’t see any latin in his blog name. Although, this blogger do know how to seize the day and has a way with words. Très Carpe Diem. Hopefully, one of your followers will find out who is the Mystery blogger. Soon I hope. I am curious to find out who it is. Have a lovely day!

    1. Panic not Lady D, l will be easing a couple of additional clues into the clues section today, l have a sneaksy feeling it may be here as a Mystery for a while yet 🙂

  2. Good morning!!! And thank you for the morning tag!! I was just trying to convince myself to get vertical, ie out of my bed, and I saw this! What a perfect way to start my day! Thank you!! And you’re right, our WordPress family is so awesome!!!! Have a great one, Rory….and everyone else too!! 😘

  3. YAY Good morning to YOU and thanks for the shout out and including Doris on my list.

    HAve you got Doris Day singing ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ on your list? She sings it so well it makes you cry.

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