Dear Blog … 12.30 – 27/11/18

Finally some great news, a tick in the box, a happy cat and one less stress,

Three months ago maybe more, my Father asked a very serious question of my Sister “Please ensure that my cat Jacqui is not put to sleep and that she is rehomed.” She gave him her absolute promise she would not fail him.

But she did fail him, she didn’t try hard enough and so poor ol’ Jacqui was left in an empty house, having food put down for her by a neighbour allowed into the house, but suffering from a lack of affection. When ever l visited her, apart from a bit of grumpy cat syndrome, not uncommon in cats living with one faithful owner loyally, she was never far from my company. I would repeatedly ask of my Sister how her rehoming project was going and every time l left the house and irrelevant to how much food l put down, l felt terrible for leaving Jacqui. However an old cat not used to living with an old dog and an old dog not used to living with an old cat would never work.

Whilst my Father’s request was simple enough, there were a few problems, most notably Jacqui was 16 years of age, an age considered by most rehomers as too old and the best bet was to have her PTS’d. That was NOT an option, that was a failed promise.

I told my Sister she was doing Jacqui no favours and that l would take on the responsibility and for the last two weeks l have been in contact with one of Dad’s closest friends, Ingrid and Kathy, the latter being the lady at Epsom Cat Protection League who was a lovely lady. Together the three of us worked to try and find an elderly cat foster Mother who would rehome Jacqui.

Ingrid, did not have access into the house, and so fed Jacqui outside her catflap. Ingrid could not have Jacqui as she had two elderly cats of her own, and as much as she wanted her, her husband had said no for many reasons, but they were the right reasons, best for their own cats and for Jacqui.

Well last night, l received an email that filled my heart with joy, Jacqui had passed her vet checks and has now been successfully rehomed with a lady in her sixties who was looking for an elderly companion and Jacqui fitted the bill purrfectly!

Ingrid is thrilled, l am thrilled as is Jacqui who may live to see 23, or 18 or maybe till next year, no one knows, but what Ingrid and l know is that whatever the years she has left, she is now back with someone who wants to love her and will offer and award her all the gifts that Jacqui wanted and that was to feel like she belonged again, a sentiment l feel we can all empathise with.

A job well done indeed.

My Sister failed her Father’s request after giving a dying man her absolute promise, she would do it. Yet it took Ingrid, Kathy and myself two weeks, or just under to fulfil it, a huge responsibility for another life that wasn’t really that hard.

I am pleased with myself, but l am absolutely thrilled with Ingrid who was an absolute rock.

Dear Blog ……

Have a great life Jacqui how ever long that may be.



10 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.30 – 27/11/18

  1. That’s devastating to think my kids wouldn’t look after my pets. I know they would though thank goodnesses all of them are major animal lovers and would probably fight over them if anything. Good job Rory, I’m glad Jacqui is settled. Your sister can clean the house now I think!

    1. Thanks Britchy, l too am overjoyed. You know only too with the approaching winter here in the UK that an elderly cat would not fair that well. Sure she had the part of the house to sleep in, she had some home comforts, l ensured the heat was on, but we all need to be loved and that was the part that was now missing. Despite my Father’s other annoying problems, he did love Jacqui and that needed fixing and fast. I could not live with myself if anything happened to her, l am an animal lover and l thought my Sister was too, but in many sad ways she is just selfish.

      Her response just now to my message of … Okay, well thanks to Ingrid and Kathy, Jacqui attended her vets visit last night and was given the all clear. She has now been rehomed. … was just this ……. “I left out her vaccination book!”

      Sure whilst helpful, l am not there to give it to the Cat’s League, and all she had to do was walk it over to Ingrid’s and couldn’t even do that.

      No great job, no thank god that Jacqui’s now safe, not even thanks …… says it all really doesn’t it?

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