Guess The Blogger – GUESSED!! Beauty Lies .. 3C Style Got It Right!!!


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Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

With GTB – S2 l will select at random a blog and then present to the readership three to four image clues and from these your role will be to ‘guess the blogger’.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves and explain how you came to know who the blogger is/was.

Our last Guess The Blogger – Series 2 which was actually Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table that was successfully one shotted by Dominique of 3C Style

Did you see it?

The Game starts with between 3 – 6 image clues, as it progresses, l will award clues in the post under ‘Additional Clues’ equally as much as in response to the comments by other bloggers, so make sure to watch out for all of those things to help with your guess.

Always look at each clue provided and think about all the words associated with the image as well as variations of the words, perhaps representations of the word, don’t always think too literally. Some words you will have to think hard on and try and establish where my mind is at to award you the image l have done. Some clues will be cryptic.

So, who do you think this is?

Clue Set 1


Clue Set 2


Clue Set 3


Clue Set 4


Can YOU guess our Mystery Blogger?

Our Mystery Blog was none other than Tanvir of  Beauty Lies Within Yourself and was guessed successfully again by Lady D – Dominque Nancy of 3C Style.  Well done!

33 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger – GUESSED!! Beauty Lies .. 3C Style Got It Right!!!

      1. I am afraid that this will be my last guess on this one. As my mind stops functioning after it has taken the first shot at it.

        1. Oh well, there is always tomorrow – currently l need to bail on the evning also, l am seriously struggling to remain upright, now that l have thoroughly exhausted mentally and physically perhaps l shall sleep – so good night Sadje 🙂

  1. I believe there are a few blogs that would fit these clues. Three in particular. My first guess is that the Mystery blogger is Melanie of Sparks From a Combustible Mind. Can’t wait to know if I’m right or wrong. I really need to go sleep a little. Have a lovely day Rory.

      1. Do you seriously think I can go to bed now? Hehe… My second guess was: Tanvir from Beauty lies within yourself. Hopefully, I won’t need to tell you my third guess. Fingers crossed.

              1. I didn’t think you would see this, l have some ideas how you might be getting there, and that’s fine, these clues are open to all kinds of interpretations – how a reader gets to the answer is what l like to read , l will not say turns me on, as that’s just wrong! LOL

                But l love to see intelligence work its wonder …

                The second clue is what gets me really curious – because that was my trick clue.

              2. The second clue was indeed a trick one. But let’s review the clues. Clue #1. The White Tiger and the Woman. Because I have read the book The White Tiger, the words that came to my mind were: book, tales, confessions, story, India, caste… But when you think of the tiger with the woman, other feelings and words are trigger: beauty, nature… At this point, I wasn’t sure at all about these words so I tried another clue. The clue #4. It made me think of: Intuition, heart, path, mind and YOURSELF. Still I wasn’t 100% sure. The third clue was the easiest one for me. I did see the stairs, the light, the heat, the climbing. But It made me think instantly of the Fibonacci sequence numbers and of these words: flow, natural, world, nature, efficient manner, plants, animal, harmony, patterns… I thought flow WITHIN the nature. My intuition was telling me I was right with this word but unfortunately I didn’t listen to it at the end because I wasn’t sure about the second clue. With your #2 clue came these words: message FROM a messenger, missive, cards. And I thought of the symbolism behind a deck of cards. Any magician knows it. Cards = Tricks = LIES. But I wasn’t sure of this word either. So I had a few options:
                First word: Beauty or Tales
                Second word: From or Lies
                Third word: Somehow I strongly believed the word was “Within” but….
                Fourth word: Intuition or Yourself or Mind (not 100% sure)
                I knew that a few bloggers that follow your blog had at least one of these words in their blog name. I went looking for them through your blog. I found two that seemed to fit perfectly. They are the one I have told you. Got lucky, I guess. I should go buy a lottery ticket!

              3. Excellent, however before l continue:

                1] Insomnia … much?
                2] Shortest night in Canada … much?
                3] Cat nap … much?
                4] Challenge orientated … much?

                Clues Make Up

                1] White Tigers – l have worked with a few over the years that were bred that way, but equally l have worked with one that was a natural rarity – a natural beauty. The image was to depict Natural, Nature and Beauty.

                2] The trick clue Fable, Fairytale – duped. The cards to depict trickery on top of fable, therefore Lies.

                3] The stairs – to ‘look within’ – Within.

                4] Follow your heart, of all the clues this was the easiest one … it knows the way – to your inner self – Yourself.

                Well done Lady D – l feel you maybe looking for a hatrick and not just a deuce 🙂

                You follow a similiar trail to mine in regards to tracking, l should have remembered your deductions with the detective challenge.

                Once more, very impressed – now will you sleep?


              4. Haha… These clues were a lot of fun. No insomnia for me, thank you very much. I sleep like a baby. But I’ll admit I’m very much challenge orientated. As Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything except temptation.” And I am attracted to challenges like a bee by pollen flowers. A hat trick? Is it a challenge? Three is indeed a magic number! Although, I might be taking a cat nap when you’ll post your next challenge.

              5. My next challenge is already set loose to the blogosphere Madam D and yes l am calling you Madam, m’Lady … you have allowed me to crank the level up somewhat.

                What? Me , Challenge orientated? no, no, no, not at all ………. much?

                LOL 🙂

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