Guess The Blogger –GUESSED! 3C Style and Crushed Caramel Got It Right!


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Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

With GTB – S2 l will select at random a blog and then present to the readership three to four image clues and from these your role will be to ‘guess the blogger’.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves and explain how you came to know who the blogger is/was.

If you too would like to play, then send me an email to and we will take it from there.

Our last Guess The Blogger – Series 2 which was actually Laurie of Meditations in Motion successfully guessed by Mel of Crushed Caramel

Did you see it?

So, who do you think this is?





Can YOU guess our Mystery Blogger?

Additional clues

Don’t overthink this but don’t underthink this either!

These three images represent one blog title.

Always remember to read the comments, in so far as guesses made and my responses, for at times l will award little helpful clues.

Always think alternatively.

Some of you are getting very close with your clues BUUUUT you are thinking too literally. Look at each clue and then think of all the words that can be associated with the clue, compile a list of words if needs be but as you do think of the alternative and variations of the words …. here is an abstract example …


Sunset, sun, glowing, orange, romantic, idyllic , holiday, vacation … now if l was using this as a clue it could be any of those words yes? But say if l was looking for just one specific word and say if that word was Sun. What might rhyme with Sun? What’s a variation of Sun, what’s another word that sounds the same but might be spelt differently? Say if it wasn’t ‘sun’, but Son?  So there are many words you can pull into the equation, maybe a clue isn’t specific to what you see but what it represents?

It is Not the Following Blogs, Bitchin in the Kitchen, Dread Poets Sobriety, Finally Unchained,  Life lessons from Around the Dinner Table or Whiskey Angel Life and whilst they are all good guesses none of them are correct.

When l had the Blog Scrambler competition in action this blog was one of the clues there as well.

We have had some more interesting guesses indeed!

Free Sea Spirit is a popular guess , and it’s so close and yet not that far from the reality!

There is a French Canadian Connection here of sorts ….

A Question l am being asked a lot is “Do we know this blogger? Well l should imagine a lot of you do actually, and if you don’t, you’ll have to wait till it’s guessed to see who it is and then follow it, because it’s an awesome blog! Who probably doesn’t even know this clue is about them either!

Seriously three little clues have thrown you off who this is …….. lets assess shall we … the best guess so far seems to be Free Sea Spirit – now this is wrong and yet two thirds right of sorts, it’s all a matter of perspective? I will send a note to the blogger in question and see if they can see this and understand my take of interpretation.

This is actually a very easy guess – l said before don’t underthink and don’t overthink, just look at it and think on the words people are using to describe the clues and then ask yourself can l see those words differently?


91 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger –GUESSED! 3C Style and Crushed Caramel Got It Right!

    1. Wow, that’s a terrific guess Teresa!

      It isn’t right – but l am now somewhere in the future certainly going to include Kristian’s blog in the GTB S2 🙂

      If you got that from 3 clues, you will most assuredly be stumped with Life Lessons 🙂

        1. Oh riiiiight, it’s like that … okay, let me see.

          It could have been right, had the right answer been right, but the answer wasn’t so much as wrong, but not right this time.

          How is that?

  1. Is It The Britchy One?
    Chains, because she got her American Citizenship, and even though the image shows chains, the woman is lifting her arms, like she’s praising, about to be set free.
    Sea, because she literally moved across the Ocean, and she loves to travel!
    Whiskey, because we all know how much our dear Britchy loves it!

    Am I overthinking this?? Lol!!

    1. Mm, both Kristians today have made a huge reference to the under/over thinking of this ….

      Mmm, let me see what can l answer here?

      I think that is pretty good as an answer but is it a qualifier?

      Sadly not, Britchy was one of the blogs we did in ‘easy week.

      However, of the clue suggestions you have offered l can award this …

      The chains clue is quite significant here … and in your response you do make mention to some truth.

      The sea clue is perhaps too obvious, and you may wish a rethink.

      The whiskey clue is way out 🙂

      Does that help?

  2. Break these chains? I don’t follow any blogs nor bloggers that I know of who are ‘free’ or ‘breaking their chains’, waves (ocean, sea?) and booze? Nope. I’ll keep watching to see, I’m intrigued!!

    1. The second clue you mention, a lot of people are identifying it alrighty, just not correctly – that’s another clue.

      The third clue, way off base. When is booze not booze, when it’s ajar, okay that is an old joke and l have changed the door to booze, but it’s kind of like that in so far as a clue.

        1. Yes, that is strange, but admittedly l have had the same happen Kristian. Every time l scroll through my comments feed, l attend to all the responses. However, next time l do it, as l scroll down in the already acknowledged section, l find new responses?? I am like, how is that even possible, when l have just checked here? It’s almost like it’s a time delay of sorts.

          Good guess, wrong, but good guess, if you could just see if differently … you would be there ..ish 🙂

    1. Hey Clare – that’s a good guess, it’s wrong but it is a good guess 🙂

      You have one right word however, you just need to wiggle it a little bit.

      My apology for not getting the Interview done yet, it’s on my top three items to complete 🙂

      1. These are very tricky, even when I know the blog! ☺️ Molly and Teddy send their regards to Doodlepip, they say there’s no hurry about the interview (although they are excited about seeing themselves on the Internet!) ☺️

        1. I am sure they are and l know from experience, that Scrappy takes her interviews very seriousluy, and will do them credit 🙂

          Plus it is true, l feel that many people will kick themselves when they realise how close they were on their clues.

          But sometimes it’s the smallest things that can cause the most fraught.

          Of course if a person doesn’t follow the blog, this could be harder 🙂

  3. There is just you who can make such associations, Rory. But after a few minutes of reflection, I thought I recognized my own blog! Free, rhymes with Three – Sea can be associated with the letter “C” – And, finally, Whisky… Well, we know that there are different Whisky STYLE (s): Canadian, Irish … This clue may have misled those who know me well because they know that I do not drink any alcohol. But the image refers to Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky’ in Canada… And yes indeed I am Canadian. French Canadian. My name is Dominique Nancy and my blog is 3C STYLE.

    1. Spot on Lady D.

      You are quite right.

      Free = Three = 3
      Sea = See or C
      Style = This was the clue that was throwing everyone off base, but not many could shift off just spirits, or whiskeys – it was what it represented and that was ‘Life Style’ = Style.

      Thank you for being an excellent sport 🙂

        1. Always a pleasure, never a problem, you know that 🙂

          How are things on home front? Improving or still the same? Whichever they are, always know you all have my warmest thoughts for speedy recovery and good health .

          1. I know and thank you Rory. You are a kind and thoughtful person. How am I? Well, I’m still standing vertical and breathing. At least, we got the medical test results and my hubby is feeling a little bit better. It’s not cancer thankfully…

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