Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe


Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe

It’s not that today’s confectionery lacks originality,
For design alone it has won many awards,
Yet l cannot help but feel that the candy,
Of yesterday offered the consumer more rewards,

Everything now just looks so pre packed commercial,
And oh so very refined, tailored and neat,
With pristine perfectness as a sellable,
Asset to make the purchase complete,

But the sweets of today just seem withdrawn,
From their cousins from the past,
Like they have been pawned,
By manufacturers who decided to outclass,

The older candies that l knew as a boy,
And learned to love, adore and simply cherish,
That filled my mouth with sugar delights and joy,
Which in my opinion were way more coolish,

Than the wannabe’s that line the shelves,
Of today’s supermarkets and retail stores,
Making the lost novelties of yesteryears’ taste cells,
Seem more memorable than ever before!

How l long to see the Olde fashioned sweet shoppe,
In all its’ former glory, regalia and quaintness,
When l used to walk in for a quick pit stop,
On my way home from school with my pocket of pennies,

How l fondly recall looking at all the boxes and jars,
Crammed full of their sweetened coloured candies,
The aisles overflowing with goodies like a faraway bazaar,
And to think, l am just remembering the seventies!

How things change in such short periods of time,
Like why is it that Wagonwheels are now so small,
And Curly Wurly’s are no longer the biggest climb,
Where did all my favourites disappear to, like Snowballs?

The candy store, a world of creative imagination,
For wide eyed children of my yesterday,
Is now a much simpler and more clinical operation,
And no longer holds me spellbound in fantasy,

When l used to look with jaw dropped down,
Goggling, and fingers nervously tapping on the counter,
Drooling over what l should get this time around,
Or perhaps my jangling coppers could get me a mixture,

Oh yes the candy store of oh so long ago for me,
Used to make me think of Willy Wonka,
And not forgetting Blyton’s’ Faraway tree,
But now when l look, l just think ‘where are?’

Giant bubblegum laces, or Hubba bubba and Bubblicious,
Or the sour horrors like Fireball Jawbreakers,
Terror eyes, Ice Bombs, Bubblegum Millions,
Not forgetting Bazooka Joe or heated Eyepoppers?
The assorted Tutti Fruitis, Black Jacks and Salads,
Sour Acid Drops, Mint Humbugs, Strawberries n Creams,
Refreshers galore, Wham Bars and Rhubarb n Custards,
Fizzy Lizzies, Lippy Chicks, oh grief and the Bonbons?
Candy Canes, Jellybeans and Bears, Sugar Pigs,
Jelly Worms, Love Hearts, Toffees that stuck fast,
Scary Spiders, Jelly Pythons, Vicious Vipers and Freaky Fish,
Chocolate Coins, and not forgetting awesome Toxic Waste,
White Mice, Chewing Nuts, Brown Gems,
Chocolate Bananas and Honey Combs,
Sherbet Dib Dabs, Merry Maids and Choc Limes,
Aniseed Twists, Winter Nips and Tom Thumbs,

The list is endless and would contain many more,
But these were the sweets of yesterday and were tops,
Completely different and original to today’s flavours,
But only available from Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppes!

© Rory Matier 2012



26 thoughts on “Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe

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  1. I share your nostalgia for sweets from back in the day, but I don’t think we had any of the kinds you mentioned here in the US. Hubba Hubba and Bubblicious are the exceptions. Did you have Zots, a hard candy with a fizzy filling?

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  2. Lovely poem Rory, yes those sweets of yesteryears we’re nice but their not the same for a couple of rezans formost because are taste changes so things don’t taste the way we remember them too. 😕😞


    Liked by 2 people

      1. I know, there are so many sweets that l miss terribly. I cannot really east sweets any more sadly, my insides don’t take kindly to that kind of sugar rush these days – but my mental memory does flips thinking back 🙂

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