It’s Just Plain… Pronunciation

You say tomato l say tomaaato!

Tales from the mind of Kristian


I have been tagged by A Guy Called Bloke, see here:

He says I am Quintessentially British, which I take as a wonderful compliment. Thanks, Rory, much appreciated. I am British and English. I also believe that the art of communication is just to be understood, and for that to happen we need a great deal of understanding and a bit of flexibility and above all Respect.

Rules –  (copied from A guy called Bloke’s post)

Look at the words below and tell me which word you use and then me why, your version is better than the version l use. See it is simpler today as a game.

I have nominated three bloggers this time for this variation of the game, they can should they choose nominate between 1 – 3 bloggers of their own.[However explain in the nomination why you have chosen that blogger]

Additionally, if you…

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