It’s Just Plain … Pronounciation Right, So Why?



‘It’s Just Plain….”

Slightly different variation today ..

The other day l was listening to a video and in this video, the words ‘herbs’, was pronounced as ‘Erbs’ In truth the only Erb l know or more precisely Erp, spelled Earp and first name was Wyatt. But when l listen to these videos l hear a lot of Americans, [sorry but it’s true] say ‘Erbs’, so l am curious why it is pronounced ‘erbs, when there is clearly an H, and the word is Herb?

So it got me to thinking about something, and the result is here in today’s It’s Just Plain …

You know me, l love quacky and wacky!




Look at the words below and tell me which word you use and then me why, your version is better than the version l use. See it is simpler today as a game.

I have nominated three bloggers this time for this variation of the game, they can should they choose nominate between 1 – 3 bloggers of their own.[However explain in the nomination why you have chosen that blogger]

Additionally, if you can , add two of your own words that you may have confusions with, but there is no need to replace them with two of my own entries, your new words are additions only.

Please note this is a bit of fun … l grew up in Australia, so l am all too familiar with many variations and it was only through British brainwashing that l changed!!

“It’s Just Plain …” created byA Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! a pingback is always welcome but it also means l don’t miss out on the fun either!



Mine = Herbs/Yours = Erbs

Which is right?

Mine = Socks/Yours = Sox

Which is right?

Mine = CV/Yours = Resume

Which is right?

Mine = Ring Someone/Yours = Call Someone

Which is right?

Mine = Rubbish Bin/Yours = Trash Can

Which is right?

Mine = Secondary School/Yours = High School

Which is right?

Mine = Lift/Yours = Elevator

Which is right?

Mine = Ground Floor/Yours = First Floor

Which is right?

Mine = Holiday/Yours = Vacation

Which is right?

Mine = Post Code/Yours = Zip Code

Which is right?

Mine = Jumper/Yours = Sweater

Which is right?

Mine = Lorry/Yours = Semi

Which is right?

Mine = Crisp/Yours = Chip

Which is right?

Mine = Chips/Yours = Fries

Which is right?

Mine = Courgette/Yours = Zucchini

Which is right?

Mine = Aubergine/Yours = Eggplant

Which is right?

Mine = Football/Yours = Soccer

My Nominations are:

Kristian for his undesputable pronounciation and elocution and etiquette of what is quintessentially British! What what Biffo ol’ chum!

Melanie because quite recently she ran a similiar pronounciation post and l should imagine is quite knowledgeable on the subject!

Britchy because she was a Brit but is now an American and so is familiar with both of these terms!

7 thoughts on “It’s Just Plain … Pronounciation Right, So Why?

Add yours

  1. I run into trouble with these all the time. I’m bi lingual now. I attempt American English at work for clarity but at home I’m comfortable and stick to the words I know. If anyone corrects me I simply say well you can have/do ‘X’ – I’m sticking with ‘Y’. I get so much potato/potahhhhto that I need Armco barriers under my eye lids to stop my eyes rolling! That and fake cockney accents. I don’t have a cockney accent, or a Newcastle or Scouse accent so why people feel the need to piss me off never fails to amaze me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can well understand it, l tend to make up words and am often criticised or should l say criticized but l also know two spellings of many words and have an auto correct pop up when typing in Word and l tend to swear at the damn thing and run with what sits best with my mood 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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