Dear Blog … 12.51 – 23/11/18

Leaving on a jet plane!

Well Suze is on her way back home. Her arduous journey from Adelaide to Dubai literally has just taken off. I have the FlightAware application open on my PC as l do for each of her flights. The Australian clock which has been open since she landed on the 9th and which has allowed me to quickly understand the time of day and difference between UK and her, can now be turned off, and the time in Dubai clock can now be turned on. She is due to land there in about 12 hours, where she will get her adjoining flight to the UK which then takes a further 8 hours, so she will arrive around middayish sometime tomorrow my time, and be back into the exciteable howls of joy from Scrappy a few hours later.

It appears once more, she has no WiFi during her airtime, so the next time l will see a message from her will be around 4am’ Dubai time or …. and you can see, just how horribly confusing it all gets!

We exchanged a couple of text messages via FB before she boarded, the usual “Red nosed, hard to leave, kids crying’, messages l have seen from her every time she departs from Australia over the years. Followed by the usual smiling picture appearing from her daughter’s FB account to show a full on smiling Suzanne having a great time with her daughter’. This is good, it’s brilliant, l hope she had a great time.

But it’s not just hard on Suze or her daughter, it’s hard on me too, and with each year she visits, it gets harder. You may recall, not long before she left, in a Dear Blog episode, that Suzanne believes because l am on the spectrum with my Asperger’s, and because l don’t get lonely, that l don’t miss her. She fails to believe me every time l tell her that l do, after a while ….. that irks.

However, l am still looking forwards to the time she lands tomorrow and l can have all these clocks and applications switched off, and l can relax, knowing that she has had a safe flight and has arrived home in one piece.

Dear Blog ……

10 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.51 – 23/11/18

  1. People expect others to express emotion in the same way they do or according to a script. A guy I was madly in love with told me I didn’t care about him because I didn’t bake cookies for him one weekend and it was one of the reasons he dumped me.

    1. Suze cares, but she is enveloped in the emotion that she has when she leaves her daughter and her grandkids.

      I think it is made harder for her when she is in Australia, because she is constantly under pressure from her family when visiting to move to Australia to live there on a full time basis, and as l discussed yesterday, she has not even seen much of Australia outside of Adelaide and because of that cannot make a decision.

      I said to her weeks ago, that a trip for the two of us to Australia in an RV without her family would be a better way for her to discover the country.

      However and she is right, Scrappy is too old for a kennels and more so considering she has never been in one, so at her age it would not be fair to be placed in one. So no big holiday decisions can be made until after, well you know.

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