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You have to love creativity, and Sadje certainly does, but hey she is afterall a Dr. Seuss fan, ’nuff said’ in my books 🙂

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Another imaginative topic from Rory of The Guy called Bloke:Creative Imagination

So Rory tagged Kristian for this Creative Imagination who has tagged me, to post 2 quotes on the subject.

The Rules are:

Thank the person who has nominated you. Thanks a lot Kristian

Post 2 quotes on the subject, creative imagination for this post

Tag/ nominate 3 people to take part in it.

My selection of the Quotes :


Curiosity, imagination and creativity are the building blocks of innovation. I think that Walt Disney did something which could never would have happened if he hadn’t used his imagination in a creative way!


Anyone who has used any of the products produced by Apple, cannot deny that the imagination behind the creation of this mega empire was what made it happen. Steve Jobs, imagined and then created.

We need imagination to dream and create.

My Nomination:


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