Dear Blog … 12.09 – 22/11/18


Soon is becoming a reality.

Suze who has been in Australia visiting her daughter, son-in-law and her grandchildren since the 8th, although she arrived on the 9th, is on her homeward bound trek tomorrow, l think sometime in the evening or for me, tomorrow morning at some point.  We have been communicating via Facebook for the duration of her absence and we have been using FB’s calling application, which delivers a much more superior quality audio performance than the likes of skype which we used the last time she was down under.

Madam Scrappy who is currently in her bed snoring very loudly, but thankfully not farting is oblivious to this news snippet. She l feels, believes that l may have done something to her Mummy as the scent of her presence in the house is starting to fade. She berated me slightly in her 4 Paws Diary episode this week and referred to me as IT. She views me at times in the same manner.

Whenever l mention the word SOON, her ears prick slightly and she rushes to the front door expectantly thinking her Mummy is about to come in, but when there is no appearance, her tail drops, she looks crestfallen awards me with another IT you are to blame for this look, and then returns to her sleeping position.

She believes perhaps quite rightly, that my version of SOON takes forever! Well the good news is that sometime on Saturday Mummy/Suze will be returning through the front door. I think this time around, Scrappy will be astoundingly excited! If so, it will be a full half hour before l can say anything of quality and give the woman l love a welcome home hug. I too have missed Mummy a lot, l always do. Not that Scrappy thinks that anyway!

Dear Blog ……

3 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.09 – 22/11/18

  1. Benji is the same way when I go away (even if just for the morning). When we walk in the door, Benji barks and runs in circles around me. Nothing for my poor hubby!

    1. I know it’s terrible. I don’t follow the whole she’s mine, she;s yours thing. But Scrappy has been in my life for all of her very nearly 15 years, and yet Suze has only been in Scrappy’s for 6 – it’s kind of a hard pill to swallow at times, but hey, love’s love 🙂

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