Groggy O’clock Musings



Groggy O’clock Musings

The current time is 04.18 am UK time. I woke up at 03.26am not knowing that l had fallen asleep! I have no idea what time it was. One minute l was awake, the next l was awake at 03.26am, trying to figure out what l had been doing prior to that time, and the answer was sleeping.

I was most assuredly awake at the time that l created TOTW Gary Numan and posted it. I was awake at some point after that, but that’s it, l have no idea what happened?

Of course there is a combination of events leading up to the Unknown time of actually falling asleeop … my office is awash with paper that l am sorting out. I have a certain amount of stress  as well. My – it’s easier  to simply say pain – is painful and more so if l miss my tablets, but the tablets have an  averse effect on me in so far as they make me incredibly drowsy, which in turns causes me to shake my head a lot to wake myself up. I remember doing that last night a few times before then waking up at 03.26.

I realised l hadn’t actually done my Night Night Folks call out, and so have now reverted back to when l used to do a Morning Call out tag!

I am so, so tired at this moment, my bio clock is absolutely shot to shit, there is no nice way to say it, it’s all over the place. Someone said ‘well at least you are sleeping!’ I would disagree with this, but agree! Yes l am sleeping. No l am not getting quality sleep!

For the last four days since the tablets took hold, l haven’t seen proper sleep, just an assorted mixture of stupid o’clock wakings followed by gathering my thoughts, having a pee and going to my actual bed, to catch slumber where l wake up tireder than before grabbing the slumber! I am going to go to bed now, at 04.29, to wake up again 07.00am and l will fall into the troubled sleep very quickly!

So good morning night night folks!

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  1. These meds have a hangover effect. That’s why you wake up not feeling refreshed. It will wear off when used for a long time. I don’t know for how long the meds are prescribed?

    1. As Sadje has just said, l do have to await for them to settle into the system. I don’t like tablets at best, but l like the current pain set worse. But this grogginess is just awful. I always also seem to have side reactions to these things. A thumping headache and wanting to throw up and this drowsiness are mine.

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