4 Paws Diary – Ep 26


Episode 26

4 Paws Diary

24th October – 21st November

Grumpy Chumpy Chunky Monkey!

Hey Everyone!

I know …. l know this episode is long overdue! It is very nearly according to Dad a month since l last wrote. I don’t have a lot of new excitement to throw into the pawed word today, so just a few updates.

Someone [it was Buffer the Border Collie] asked me recently why l call Mummy, Mummy and Dad, just Dad? Well, you do not often hear me call Dad, Daddy, and that is because Dad, doesn’t like to be called Daddy. It is a word he doesn’t like and l had to ask Mummy why? She said it is because when Dad was younger, he used to call his own Mummy, Mummy but wasn’t allowed to call his Dad, Daddy. Then his Dad one day beat him for using the word Mummy, and disciplined him to only use the words either Mother, Father or Mum and Dad. He used to tell his Mummy that he loved her daily, and then his Dad beat him for this as well, and told him to not tell his Mother that he loved her. Facts.

Well my own Mummy is in Australia – she left according to Dad on the 8th of this month and is back on the 24th of this month? I guess to you 2 leggeds that means something? I tried to explain to Dad  that l am a 4 legged something l am pretty sure he has observed by now, and whilst at my own concession l am pretty smart, l still don’t understand lots of numbers. With 1’s and 2′ and 3’s l am okay with, but when you start adding those numbers together l am a bit stuck!

Dad says, Mummy is back soon! Well l don’t know what this ‘soon’ thing means but if he means what l think he means, he doesn’t understand what soon means either! Because in my world, soon means like now or at the latest tomorrow, but his soon seems to be taking forever!!

Don’t get me wrong when Dad says Mummy is coming back, l believe him, l know she will, but l miss her. Her smell in the house is not as strong as it was, and l miss it. I did take to lying down in the hall for a while staring at the door for the times when l thought she would walk back in from this thing of hers called work. But she didn’t come back, but if he says she is, then she is, one day anyway.

Dad has taken to calling me Grumpy Chumpy Chunky Monkey because of my eating habits! He says l am comfort eating??? Well l really don’t know what that means, but he says that l am eating more because l am missing Mummy. I don’t think l am eating more than l usually do. I mean it is getting colder and l am in more often now, but he says that he is going to try ansd curb my habits! Does that mean he is going to starve me??? Wait till Mummy gets back and hears all about this!

It has been very hard for me to paw my episode this last time because someone … no names … but IT has 2 legs and it’s not Mummy has been asleep more than normal, and more annoying IT keeps falling asleep in the chair beside the kompootah! Worse than that is because IT falls asleep all the time, IT never goes to bed at the normal times! This makes my own paw times very difficult to arrange! Hopefully whenever Mummy comes back she can put a stop to this nonsense!

There are things l need to do on the kompootah, like l have to somehow arrange the new interview form, that by the way is not ITs fault but mine, but l do have a new K9 interview coming up, and l need to somehow get the sleeping IT out of the chair long enough to paw that up!

Anyway, as l said there is not much new in my world at present, but l will paw up a new episode properly when Mummy is back and has Dad back into some routine, so until then, it’s bye from me, and bye from the IT.

Catch you again soon!!

13 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 26

  1. Hi Scrappy, I have to tell ya these two-leggers just don’t understand the need to stick to the rules, do they? pack is together, productive hunt is shared – always, and scheduled sleep, walk, eat times are sacrosanct. But how do we get them to follow rules? I dunno, ma’am. I just dunno.

  2. So funny as I wrote to Rory today I was going to visit his blog soon. And then I read this lovely post! You made me smile. “His soon seems to be taking forever!!” Love it. Paws to you.

      1. Thanks Rory for introducing me to Kristian. Our other friend Kristian did mentioned her a few times and I wanted to go and visit her but life got in the way! At the moment, mine is a bit crazy as you know… I had to make time today and I’m glad I did. She seems so lovely. Thanks again for all the efforts that you do to make this WP community stronger.

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