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Q&A Weekend Fun was created by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

We are currently not calling them Rules, a bit of anti-establisment there l feel, so we are referring to them as directions, suits me fine, we could call them snippets or chuckles doesn’t make any difference really, but here we go:


  1. Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd, up to you)
  2. Add three more questions of your own to the list
  3. Tag three people

I was tagged by none other than the swazzy swashbuckling swaggler himself Master K, Mister K, Mr K, sometimes answers to simply K if we are feeling all spy like or MIB’ish but you know him as Kristain and those Tales from his Mind – you know the place you wouldn’t let your children or loved furry critters walk alone after dark?! Well Him!

Now, admittedly l am not totally sure of the Directions here, so l will just go with what K suggested but not, because that’s my rule breaking rebelliousness showing [Sadje].

Questions [Are these still called Questions or just Cue’n’ehs?]

Teresa’s Questions & Swazzy’s Questions and My Questions

Q] What would Klaatu (The Day the Earth Stood Still) think of Earth if he landed today?

A] Well could he actually find a municipal park big enough to land in for starters?

Q] If books’ characters were not imprisoned by their covers, which two characters would make a great couple?

A] Moby Dick and Jaws!

Q] For US folks: Turkey, Ham, or Something Else on Thanksgiving? For Int’l folks: What is one food you recommend most from your country?

A] Well l happen to like Turkey, next to Chicken it’s the last meat [white]  l will actually tango with. Having said that – the way l am changing with regards the way l see living food – this question then becomes a lot tougher – because number one despite living in the UK, l am not really that British although l was born here, l tend to have cosmopolitan tastebuds so l am not really sure. I am not a traditionalist in the err, well traditional way. So the recommendation for a dish here, l would probably opt with – anything you so desire, as there is a takeaway that can probably cater to it or them!

Q] Is there a fictional world that you actually wished existed?

A] Yes the land where there is no political upheaval, that society tells the truth, that children are safe to walk the streets without being killed, where our elderly are respected, where crime is considered an unusual word and is only found in literature in the Libraries from the ancient times, where peace rocks the world and not war, where  there is no judgements on those who look or who think and act differently, because there is no such thing as difference because everyone is already different and accepts everyone without judgement, where there are equal rights, equal pay, a fair and judicial legal system and where we are happy … l can’t remember the name of it though?

Q] What song always makes you smile?

A] Oh it’s that one the one that makes me smile, can’t think of its name, but l am always smiling.

Q] How do you like your eggs in the morning?

A} Is this that trick joke question where you answer fertilised? If not, then cooked.

Q] After my three questions, what are your next three questions?

Q] Why do people lie and feel adverse to telling the truth?

Q} Why, in our so called progressive world do we STILL have taboo subjects?

My Knees Are:

Sadje – The Rulebreaker

Fandango The Nude Skiier Call Me Buff For Short!

Madam Melanie I Am Not Opinionated Just Honest!

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