Good Morning Folks



Top of the morning to you all from Doodlepip and myself in the UK!!

Now where ever you all are in the great WordPress blogosphere l wish you the following reflective your specific time zone!

A brilliantly bright sunny morning!


A Gorgeous afternoon!


A totally beautifully and relaxing evening!

The fact is simple โ€“ whatever you are doing โ€“ have a great time doing it and remember to have FUN!

Now for a great tune!


15 thoughts on “Good Morning Folks

    1. Hey Cage, so l have heard – the weather is kind of erratic as well isn’t it? Suze tells me Adelaide is experiencing all types of microenvironment weather and temperatures at present as well.

      1. Yes, currently raining and 36 degrees C – that’s hot – and as Adelaide is the driest city in the driest continent, this is very, very unusual!

        1. Currently Suze is telling me they have a huge storm front moving in, so perhaps that is the rain you are experiencing. What started as a dry storm is now just starting to moisten up.

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