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According to Scrappy, she is going to take over my PC tomorrow! She has a new K9 Interview to create as well as a much overdue episode of 4 Paws Diary – her last on Oct 23 or 26 days ago! She has quite a few things to say apparently! On the other hand l have to put in some 2 legged defense! I haven’t stopped her from pawing up anything, and on more than one occasion l have had to remind her that if she would stop acting like a Right Kevin for a while, she might get some things done!!

However …

I hope you have enjoyed the day on our blog and wherever you are, whatever the time of day is for you, it’s my night time so l will wish you all a good night and l will catch up with you again tomorrow.

Night Time Call Out!



My Special Evening Call Out Goes To The Following Bloggers … Great blogs, great writers so please do make sure to check them out, and remember to say a Happy Hi, Howdy and Hey because it’ll make their day! Thank you.

Barbara of Teleporting Weena

Lady D of 3C Style

Ursula of An Upturned Soul

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