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Have A Good Night All

I have had an awkward day admittedly, things l wanted to get done were once more waylaid by various other things. Probate administration, talking to solicitors and my Sister. Plus  l am on a stronger medication, and that is making me fall asleep for little pockets of time. I had to go to the doctor’s on Wednesday for an emergency appointment because the left side of my back and shoulder has for so long been supporting my right, that apparently it can no longer do it. My back has l guess collapsed. I have been walking for most of this week in a stoop seen by those with a terribly curved spine and in their 90’s and it’s starting to really get me down now. I am so eager to get this hospital appointment on the 4th sorted out, because hopefully that will mean l get some kind of repair in, l am seriously tiring of chronic neck and back pain!

Anyway, enough of my dribble or is it drivel? Matters not, let’s crack on!

Wherever you are, whatever the time of day is for you, it’s my night time so l will wish you all a good night and l will catch up with you again tomorrow.

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Night Time Call Out!



My Special Evening Call Out Goes To The Following Bloggers … Great blogs, great writers so please do make sure to check them out, and remember to say a Happy Hi, Howdy and Hey because it’ll make their day! Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Night Night Folks

  1. Hope you’re feeling better today.
    It’s the cold. My back is acting up too.
    What helps:
    Regular back exercises that have been recommended by your doctor or physio.
    Regular walks.
    Keeping your weight in control.

    I need to do all of the above.

    1. Good Morning 🙂

      I do walk on a regular routine admittedly when walking Scrappy, l haven’t been able to do the walking l used to, in so far as walking for pleasure though. The pinched nerve is what is currently restricting me. Luckily my weight is not a serious problem, but l do miss walking, very much so.

    1. Who knows KK, it’s been months now. I just want it over and done with. It’s tiring and damning alike, and l will be honest, somewhat depressing. I don’t need any pain concerning this anymore. If l had the money, l would have gone private and paid to have this fixed by now.

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