Guess The Blogger – Series 2


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Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

With GTB – S2 l will select at random a blog and then present to the readership three to four image clues and from these your role will be to ‘guess the blogger’.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves and explain how you came to know who the blogger is/was.

If you too would like to play, then send me an email to and we will take it from there.

Our last Guess The Blogger – Series 2 which was actually Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith successfully guessed by Kristian.

Did you see it?

So, who do you think this is?

Clue set 1




Clue set 2


Clue set 3



Can YOU guess our Mystery Blogger?

Now this is posing a few problems as some believe it has too many hints. So l will give you some further clues.

It has to have this many hints because if it did not it could be solved in just two images.

Really think about the images you are seeing and think of all the alternative words they could suggest.

Break some of the images as words into syllables.

56 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger – Series 2

  1. Train being the last image made me immediately think….”tales from the mind of kristain”…
    ….but I am not sure how that works…all though maybe there is a swan’s tail?
    I am going to have to think harder about thiis!

    1. Yes, l have one given one clue away in the comments section, my second would be to think like Kristian.

      This isn’t that hard admittedly, but the quantity of clues might make you think that it is, ooh dear that’s another clue there as well.

    1. That’s an excellent guess Mel, and if l ever had to show the clues for Crosstatbulblaketrain these would be those, however this is not that blog lol!

      What l love about this game, and l shouldn’t blow my own trumpet although at my age l am no longer that supple anymore boom boom, is the way the various minds work to try and solve these riddles – it’s simply brilliant 🙂

      1. Have I got the butt bit right? And the train bit? I am not sure if tat or too are the second part. The other bits I am not so sure I can be sure about.

    1. How did you reach this answer Sadje? It’s an excellent answer!

      It’s wrong, but it’s an excellent answer, but l am curious as to how you came up with those words from the hints?


  2. Aaaaaaw Rory….you should see me…I have been eating my lunch at the same time as going through all the blogs I follow…and I can’t make sense of it!

    I feel like I am going to kick myself when someone get’s it!…
    …of the cuff…makes me think hands has got some thing to do with it…
    the cross at the beginning might be a first aid sign?

    So now I am thinking First-Hand-Electric but Lake-Train….?
    Or…. First-Pain-Bulb but Reflect-rail

    1. Mm, can l help you out a bit here?

      Yes you are right on it being a First Aid symbol, you are wrong on everything else, but ironically not, l think you may have to further explore your alternative words again.

          1. See, when you think on it, you can start to create differently. So we now know that the middle word is IN.

            How did you come up with the third word, what made you lose ‘lake train?’

          2. Very good, it’s not a pond, or a lake, there is a castle and water beside it, suggesting a moat. It’s an old fashioned train suggesting Loco – motive and if you add Moat to that you get moat otive or moat otion as in moving, thus motion. So yes ‘In Motion’

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