Liebster Award – Nomination 11


Liebster Award Nomination 11 2018

Huge thanks to  Melanie of Sparks from a combustible Mind for her nomination of A Guy Called Bloke and Doodlepip’s Adventures for the Liebster Award 2018, it really means a great deal to me, so my genuine and sincere thanks to Melanie for her nomination.

Melanie writes from her heart and has a dry wit and is at her own concession quite opinionated – but these are her finest qualities, because she is above everything – honest and that’s what l love about Melanie, her blog and of course Princess Diamond the Hunydog. She, Melanie that is, is in her own words cynical and looks at life in that fashion, and when she is not being that, then you’ll find her answering questions galore – because above Hunydog  – then questions and answers is her next best passion, and if that’s not enough then her real enthusiasm is to write and then to write some more. If you are not yet aware of her blog, please do make sure to check her out.



Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award

Answer 8 questions that the blogger gave you

Give 8 random thoughts about yourself

Nominate 8 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination

Ask your nominees 8 questions


The origins of this award are as follows:

“This award is meant to encourage new bloggers. From The Global Aussie: “The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011.  Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”  The award initially focused on bloggers with less than 2000 followers, but as its popularity increased this number has gone down to 200.”

I will do my best to adhere as much as l can to the ‘rulings’ of the award, and if in the process of any l nominate who are ‘not’ award accepting blogs, that’s fine, just know that l have chosen your site for the style it presents to the readership. If any of my nominees choose to not respond – and by no means are any of you under an obligation to do so – that too is fine.


Melanie’s Questions

Do you like bubble gum?  As a flavor or as a sticky treat?  Or is it an annoyance?

As a kid l used to love it, biggest problem l ever had was l used to swallow it, but l used to blow bubbles all the time and got into trouble for that as well. Apart from that, as a sweet l don’t have any other opinion of it at all.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Don’t be afraid to be myself.

Dress up or casual if invited out?

I guess it is reflective purely upon the occasion in truth – if it warrants a smarter appearance or a smart casual or simply casual wear.

What’s a time when you really stretched yourself; either physically or mentally?

When l used to run my livestock brokerage business l used to have to exert myself mentally and physically daily in order to cope with the day’s expectations and whatever form that took.

Do you have any trophies?

No, l don’t have any trohies just really good memories.

How would you decorate your dream home?

In all honesty l don’t know, l don’t tend to view houses as homes, they are merely shells that l live in. Not being terribly materialistic and more minimalistic, l need just the basics to survive with, as to aesthetics, not really my thing.

What are three things you’d take with you if you could only take three?

Well l guess the counter question is what is the occasion? If it’s dire events, then it’s Scrappy, Suze and my wallet.

Is the printed word really dead?

No, l don’t believe the written word is dead, l believe that purely numbers have dropped in consideration to the way the word is read.


8 Random Thoughts

This gets harder everytime, l mean what is there left to be said that is considered random thoughts with regards myself and this blog?

I don’t follow any particular theology, although l do have some interesting thoughts and beliefs.

I don’t like to wear the colour white.

I haven’t worn a necktie in 25 years, nor a watch or any other timepiece in 30 years.

I can’t stand mundanity in anything and will always try to rebel, think differently or sometimes just pose unusual questions to garner the responses, and then read between the lines to see the person responding.

I am very open minded to all sorts of things be they good or bad and will always experiment with something new so that l know what it is before l pass a comment.

l am just curious about everything and everyone.

I do not like judgemental people.

I still keep teddy bears.


My 8 Questions


Are you happy with the person:

1] You are

2] You were

3] You think you will become?



How many colours can you see in the image below, list them in detail.




Is there anything within five feet of where you are currently typing that is a permanent feature and motivates you to explore your mind deeply?



How many vices do you have and of them which are your worst?



How curious are you to new discoveries, and first time experiences even if they are possibly dangerous or risky for you to try? As in will you try them, or make an excuse not to?



If you answered No Way to question 5, what prevents you from doing so?



If you answered YES Please to question 6, what motivates you to take those risks?



What type of song do you think our banjo player here is playing? Provide a link to what you think it might be as your answer to this question.



The pingback from this post may get to your blog before l do, however panic not, l will in due course nominate you directly.

My Nominations

Sadje of Keep It Alive

Ribana of Popsicle Society

Lisa of All About Life

Paula of Light Motifs II

Kat of Family Furore


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  1. Aw. Thanks for the lovely compliments in your intro. <3 And I'm going to steal your questions and do a simple Q&A post about them, because as always they are so unique and interesting and I can't resist answering them! (maybe I should pass Share Your World to YOU, you come up with much better questions… heh. Just kidding). Anyway thanks for being great Rory! You and Scrappy (and your Suze) ROCK!

  2. knowing you were speaking of your very own Suze did not stop me from taking a bow… one saw it though…I am alone in this room at the moment. That rock picture enthralled me, and I started to count and list the colours…got lost after 27 of them.

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