Random Quotes 145#


“Be the difference … you are not quackers! Just don’t duck out of being true to you!”

Rory Matier

Someone recently emailed me and asked ‘What gave with all these types of quotes?” Well that’s simple and something l have said before. In the 80’s l was a motivational manager trainer. Back then l was considered ‘quirky’, way quirkier than any of my counterparts. I used to try and train and motivate the managers of tomorrow to ‘think out of the box’, to not just consider one line of thinking or thought and to above everything to not let society shape their thoughts, to always be true to themselves, to allow their thinking even if different to the norms free reign. To never be ashamed of looking at a concept from every angle, even if some of them might be considered odd. I mean gee’s whoever thought what it might be like to ‘walk on the moon?’ Then considered taking that to a different level of reality?

I was motivating and training people to be proud to be different long before l knew anything about the spectrum and Asperger’s or autism – all their arrival did was answer a few unanswered questions l had a hankering for, l don’t need them to be true to me, or think differently – they are just an added bonus.

The message is simple folks, NEVER be ashamed to be different to the so called norm, because the latter – well that doesn’t actually achieve anything new and l always have said what is it anyway? How do we not know that the so called NORM is actually the alien here? That the differences we all have is actually the norm? Think on that. Today l will not marry this quote up with a quote from someone famous …


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