Dear Blog … 12.29 – 11/11/18


The Lion’s Den,

I have to concede to not being in the most happiest place l have been for a while, there is a huge rollercoaster of stress building up currently concerning tomorrow, and whilst l acknowledge with logical thinking, that come tomorrow night, this ordeal will be over, that is irrelevant at this moment in time, when the lion’s den is still to appear and this time tomorrow l shall be entering the domain itself.

The day is going to start unusually early, as l have to be up at around 6, get Scrappy walked and fed as best as l can, which isn’t easy for a dog that enjoys a lie in these days, and whose day doesn’t actually commence till about 8am, when technically the driver wants to arrive to avoid potential roadworks on the motorways. That will be a fun time.

Currently Scrappy is quite clingy as Suze isn’t here, and whilst she loves the next door neighbours, l must make the house ready for them to make the occasional pop ins and ensure she is ok. I very much doubt that Scrappy will eat when l am gone – she and l have been mostly inseperable during the 15 years l have had her as a loyal and loving companion, she turns 15 this month  and of all of those years she and l have only actually been seperated for a period of two weeks when she was five, so it will come as a huge OMG episode for her, to not have either one of us here for longer than four hours.

But l have to try and ensure that l am back in the house by no later than five when it is already starting to get dark for her second walk of the day, because if she misses that then l have to contend with a series of extremely loud huffs and puffs. I feel sure that this is something most dog owners are all too familiar with and more so as our four legged furry children have a way to manipulate us more than a two legged flesh covered child can!

My Sister has shown her true colours recently and referred to me as both a thief and a scoundrel! I had to remind her that we were both executors and could she possibly try and act like an adult concerning our Father’s estate. I took some belongings of dad’s out during my last visit to have them valued and cleaned up to make more valuable and was going to bring them back tomorrow, it was always my intention and she knew this, and still felt the need to say l had stolen from his house and had l forgotten the thing called probate?

I find this astonishing considering the fact that as little as a month ago this was the same woman who was becoming confused with the terms in testate and probate and had to have the whole situation explained to her. She wishes to place everything into the probate value and l have to try and explain to her that not everything is legally considered an asset of probate value and only prime items are such as the house itself, the car, and the collections of noteworthy value. So a pair of binoculars, some old pre-digital cameras and not antique by any standards and a tub of coins – mostly it turns out holiday currency pre Euro are not considered ‘probate assets’ however l guess l am a thief in her eyes.

Furthermore, l have spent hours going through the estates paperwork to make the paper trail ready for the solicitors and in the process of working on the inheritance tax and per person yearly allowances have discovered things l already knew that she has enjoyed my Father’s finances very well. Once more this proceedure was explained to her and any efforts of endeavouring to explain to her any scaling over 7 years is lost on her. She considers me now a scoundrel for highlighting the whole listing for the purpose of the HMRC and taxations and that it was an extremely bad decision to allow me access to the paperwork as l was obviously clueless. She has a problem l feel with transparacy – something my Father also had issues with at times.

So in addition to being classed as a thief and a scoundrel and a fool and having some very damning conversations messages from her over the last few days, l am to say the very least somewhat apprehensive about attending the funeral service tomorrow, and whilst l very much doubt that there will be pistolas at dawn scenarios, imagine my surprise to find my Sister in cahoots with my Aunt, a woman my own sister detested as little a week ago!

I have made a compromise and said l will attend the wake in so far as helping to usher in the attendees for the first 45 minutes to an hour and then l shall make my departure is already being beset by accusations of being mentally unfit??

Oh well, in around 30 hours time l will be back here and laughing, well maybe not that, but l must try and get a bottle of something to drink tomorrow night and just chill out for the next installment which will be the valuing of the property’s content – goodness gracious me l do have to wonder if the 20 year old now cleaned binoculars will make the quoted value of £20 or we might get £30, and of course that figure must be added to the overall value for probate.

Grime times indeed.

It’s a humanitarian service and l am just wondering what l shall wear to the service. My Father requested no formal wear, fine, then l shall wear my trustee sneakers.

Dear Blog ……

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  1. Hope your ordeal is over soon. Stay focused and strong. After tomorrow you will be done. The trouble with troublesome people is that they are happy when others react to their mischief making. If one doesn’t react then they may stop bothering you?

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