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Ashley once had me at hello, now it’s every time she makes a post like this …

Why isn’t 11 pronounced “onety-one”? I think we need to start a Change.org petition to get that shit taken care of. One-teen is another option. Eleven is just ridiculous.

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I’m taking a break from doing blog awards since they can be time-consuming.  Instead, when I’m nominated for awards I’ll answer the questions posed to me in this 20(ish) questions format.  I’ll also answer questions from assorted other question tags and the like.  Feel free to join in the fun with your own answers to any or all of the questions 🙂

Questions from A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip‘s It’s Just Plain Silly!

  • How come you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?  I may be totally deluded, but I swear when the battery is on it’s last legs and you lean on it a bit, it might give one last gasp of power.
  • If an orange is orange, why isn’t a lime called a green or a lemon called a yellow?  Well why isn’t a…

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2 thoughts on “20(ish) Questions

  1. okay I’ll try some of these

    autobiography will be called damaged and broken, as I believe that’s what my life has become

    queen kittycat, of course

    if I was on death row, It would probably be for murdering some member of the royal family (I hate the royal family, they are boring), that, or the government or the queen

    my last meal would be spare ribbs, fries, garlic bread and a glass of dr pepper


    I’m pretty sure the only thing people could say about me is that I’m a coutch potato (true fact). I don’t even exercise. I certainly wouldn’t get the job

    the penguin is here because he’s lost his way and would probably say something  like… please help me find my way back to the arctic?, and I’d reply with a shudder

    uh…. I’d tell people the coco was a new cooling product (air conditioning in a cup), sell like hotcakes!

    I’d just use the scissors as a weapon if people didn’t pay me

    I wouldn’t pay any money. I don’t have much and need what I do have to live on

    3 people- walt disney, because his imagination is incredible, elvis pressley, because he truly is ” the king”, and emma thompson- my favorite actress


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