Tomorrow Is Another Day.



Tomorrow is another day….

Last night l watched, yet another beautiful sunset,
Slowly idle into the evenings’ twilight skyline,
And thought of the days’ eventful upsets,
Which l had unwittingly caused for yet another’s time,
Life can be full of unexpected disappointments,
Upsets and discomforts, things to get you down,
Not everything goes the way that was perhaps meant,
Or seen at first, and smiles can turn quickly to frowns,

I mean not to cause undue upset to those around me,
Yet it can happen, and quite often it does,
When without thinking things through properly,
Sadness is abound, and why, well just because,
Freely admit do l, l am no angel, yet nor am l a demon,
Just a simple man at hearts depth, that wants inner peace,
And can only see the light at end tunnel through logic and reason,
Understanding that this may cause upset and emotional release,

Some things are quite simply, not meant to be,
Despite when others think that perhaps, maybe they should,
But in the search for contentment, and to be totally happy,
All l request is that my actions should try to be understood,
That at times, they may be interpreted as false hoods,
Yet l assure those others it is simply not the case,
It is just that l can so easily be misunderstood,
And at times, lack social tact and gentle grace,

My lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea,
It is filled with obstacles, oddities and quirks,
That undoubtedly would not make one and all happy,
But my social outclassing and isolation awards me its own perks,
Inner contentment and peace of mind,
Is not easily found, and some sadly never find it true,
Yet l have, and it has taken oh such a long time,
But perhaps, maybe, it is not for everyone, including you,

So we have parted on unfriendly terms, I do so understand,
And my apologies, for l am as sorry as l can be,
But, l am enjoying my life now, as a solitary man,
Even with my way of thinking, quite often viewed as disorderly,
Twilight thoughts lingered with me as l watched the day go,
Thinking of yet another friend lost to time,
And how my numbers do dwindle now ever so,
Because not everyone can understand this complexity, my mind,
Some days simply are not so easy to navigate safely through,
But l know deep down, that tomorrow is another day,
And gloriously filled happier days will soon come to you,
Just not from me, l am sorry to say.

© Rory Matier 2015


9 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Another Day.

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  1. Let me put here some of my thoughts…I do not believe that there should be obligations between friends because if love is present then nothing given should be expected to be returned. Still, I do have quandary where to put the line between obligation and respect. I do think that genuine friendship requires acceptance and tolerance but at the same time it requires sincere connection. If only one person is always the giver and the other only takes without giving back, sooner or later, the friendship will fail. It is never about tit for tat. Just a show of honesty and respect will be enough.

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  2. Very true words Marisselee, very true indeed, my thanks for your comment here today. I have a few friends, truth be further known very few – l struggle with ‘real time’ friendship. I have more friends and use this term sluggishly on social media platforms. they are not real flesh and blood friends in the traditional and conventional style of real time friendship, they are just slightly more connected than acquaintances.

    Friendship as a whole l think is sadly abused these days as a term or concept when used in reference to the social media venues. I have very few friends in Facebook but of my 42, l have officially met with 27 of them in real life. whilst we are friends, we are only loosely defined as that l feel, now they are more like social acquaintances that simply share my Wall space with me.

    On Twitter l have 5500 or so followers and yet l have met none in real life and only a mere slip of a fraction are indeed friendlier than mere follower status acquaintances.

    I find friendship for me personally is better served with Twitter/Facebook because in many ways l can pop in, have a chat and then disappear again.

    People class me as a good friend, l listen to them and hold their secrets or desires and never discuss them again, l am as there for them as l can be when l am there. But my personal view is that l am a terrible friend to others. I am simply unable to sustain more than a few quality friendships at any one time.

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  3. It is always sad to lose a friend, but sometimes we must do it for our own sanity. I have had to “unfollow people in real life, too”. It’s somehow easier to do on FB or Twitter. Less personal.

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