Omnes qui confidunt est:



Shadows creeping on the lips,
Deceptive in their guise,
Caresses spoken in the dark,
Language of the lovers kiss,
Of the many, these l despise!
Alienation created by unspoken,
Lacking warm intentions,
Aggressively they do spark,
Troubles when confidences are broken!
Innocents go unforgiven!
Many a treacherous word,
Passes between careless whispers,
Unwarranted remarks,
Oft misinterpreted and unheard,
When spoken should be crisper!
Trust not the silently spoken shadow,
Corner of the eye glimmer,
Nor the foolish mind lark,
Watch for opened window,
Beware of the darkest whispers!

“Trust not all that is said”

Omnes qui confidunt est:

© Rory Matier 2018

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