Dear Blog … 16.19 – 07/11/18


I don’t wish to get involved?

Why do people say this? Usually the twits spouting this off, are the ones who are involved, but pretend that they are not!? I am going to have a rant, then get off my soap box like it never happened because l don’t want to get involved!

Bah meh merde!!


I was, up until perhaps an hour ago, having a fairly okayish day, then it wasn’t okay!


Called me out of the blue and asked if l was going to this thing on Monday?

“You mean my Father’s funeral? If, so, of course!”

“How are you getting there?”

“Bloody taxi, 200 mile round trip, 5 hours min travel time and all for 30 minutes service and a £120 return. Why?”

“Oh l know what you mean, l am having to pay the petrol to a friend, you knew her at school, two years above you, girl called Carol, well she is taking me down, going to cost me £25 – it’s terrible!”

“Who the hell is Carol and why should l know her after  forty years? You are joking, l would love a £25 drive into Epsom, it’ll take you all of what – 20 minutes max?”

“Well it’s a lot of money for a man l am no longer married to!”

“Well then, don’t bloody go Mum! Simple – sorted save yourself 30 minutes of service, 50 minutes of travel time and £25 ok?”

“Oh l have to attend for your Sister’s sake, she is terribly stressed you know?”

“She’s not stressed about Dad Mum, not in the way you think, she’s stressed because she cannot ring him up and ask him to bail her out again financially, because well he is kind of no longer here, that’s what she is stressed about. She is struggling with her monies again and Dad’s not here to help!”

“Oh Rory, you are so hard on her, all the things she has had to put up with, he was dying you know?”

“I know he was dying, sort of a given now considering he is dead Mum. Plus what has she really had to do? Has she rehomed the cat yet? She sorted the funeral granted, but Dad’s money paid for it. She declined any involvement with the blessed paperwork for probate, and l am here surrounded with piles all over the office, and l can officially tell you that my Sister did exceedingly well out of Dad. I have the proof here, and it’s pretty damning reading, really!”

“I don’t want to get involved.”

“You are involved, you made yourself involved, you wouldn’t have it when we said not to get involved, and now you are involved up to your neck!”

“You have all his paperwork? There were thousands of pieces of paper and files, and piles and piles of paper?”

“Funnily enough l know that because l have it all here, dating back for the last twenty years plus and more importantly for the last seven. I am having to sort out all the information for the probate which Dad had not prepared for.”

“Why the last seven? Why is that important?”

“Because of the inheritance tax thresholds and yearly allowances. It seriously has a detrimental effect on the overall inheritance, which is why l have made mention to it.”

“Oh right , yes of course, l have made mention to her about this but l don’t want to get involved. You must cut her some slack Rory, she has just lost her Father, and she is signed off for stress you know? But l don’t want to get involved!”

“Oh right, of course he was just ‘her Father’ fine, no problem, got to go, bye!”

I know l am cynical but I really do detest the credo ‘l don’t wish/want to get involved!” and l have heard it a lot over the last few months from an assortment of people from so called friends of my Father’s to so called family! It would be nice if for a change, someone said l want to get involved and help if l can! Bit short on that funnily enough!

There is going to come a time when l look back on these journal notes and laugh …. well l hope anyway!

This whole paper trail is an absolute shambolic nightmare, and it makes me think of this song!

Now to use a phrase heard in The Bodyguard, let’s not discuss this again!

Ha ha!

Dear Blog ……

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 16.19 – 07/11/18

    1. It would be nice, but it will not happen, this paperwork is a hard slog.

      It’s funny in a really ironic way, my Sister and Father referred to me as an imbecile and stupid most of my life, and yet one is dead [not his fault granted] and the other ‘smart’ one, hasn’t got the knowledge to deal with this paperwork – perhaps she is the smartest one as l am the dumb ass having to sort it all out.

      Strange, but black humour l feel.

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