Time to Con’fig’ure the End!



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November 2018

Time to Con’fig’ure the End!

Well, the vegetable season for us is over. We were thinking of planting some winter – spring crops, but decided against it for a few reasons:

a] – Time is always of the essence and with Suze working full time and coming back absolutely shattered, the little time she does have she doesn’t always wish to be out in the garden. Fair play l think.

b] – My injury has been with me all year so far, that’s eleven months to date, although it became significantly worse after my visit to the S&M physiotherapist, but here l am in November, potentially awaiting surgery to perhaps mend the damage with some small keyhole repair work. But this means that l have been out of action for practically all of the 2018 season, and if l do receive surgery, there is going to be some time before my right arm is going to be 100% functional again.

c] – Suze is going away shortly for a break to see her grandchildren and her daughter/son-in=law, but once she is back she is going to plough headlong into changing jobs.

d] – My Father’s death and clearing up the estate. This is going to take some time away from the house, not a lot by any standards but as we are 100 miles away, it’s not an easy jaunt for an afternoon’s work.

e] – In the new year 2019, l am going to inherit some money, and what Suze and l have been discussing is moving away from Kent and perhaps moving over to Devon. It’s a much cheaper renting option for starters and as lovely as Kent is, it is horribly expensive when renting. But we have also been involved in some serious discussion about starting a business and before she is 60, emigrating to somewhere, probably Australia.

So with all of those pies in the air, we both agree that it is not viable just yet until we know what we are doing to plan for a new season.

So as we now approach the winter, l have been doing what l can to finalise the plants we have, which as of today is two hot pepper plants. Over the remainder of this week, l will empty off the last of the garden pots and return them to a state of end season mulching.

I have missed doing my composting, as l found it quite an enjoyable past time, and the pile out back is quite significant in untouched size. However, it is what it is, and it seems to be managing itself pretty well, so on the proviso that l can get to it at some point next spring, l will happily set about producing some compost for where ever we may be next. Even if we are here for another 6 to 12 months, we don’t have to plan a huge crop for 2019, just settle on a few potted plants of desperately needed vegetables.

The last crop of this season has been our peppers, and over the last couple of days we both tended to harvesting off the yields.


One of our last two growing pepper plants as Britchy said on the last episode, these are packing some serious heat, and l can confirm “yes they most assuredly are!”


This is our current crop of hot peppers harvested over the last weekend.


Sadly, due to a lack of quality heat – we took this crop off the plants and we have plans now to slice them up and store them in oil. Some had started to ripen off, but they were not going to go much further than green or darker green.


Our beans had produced an absolute corker of a yield, and over the last month we simply allowed remaining fruit to darken off in pod so we can use those next year as planting seeds. These two plants were taken down today.



The four beds were given a light turn over and then covered in the fig tree mulch you may remember l produced a couple of months ago.


There is only one crop left to manage and l will create a post sometime this month about that – which is the horseradish root – which hopefully will when shredded and added to the right ingredients will produce a crop of sauce that will blow your ears off your head!

I have to shred down some more of the fig tree branches to produce another mulching crop, which ran out today.

More soon, thanks for reading.


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    1. As they say, what is it, they say – mm, let me think oh yes ‘fail to prepare = prepare to fail’ I hate that credo! But sadly it makes for sense, and more so with the gardening ha ha 🙂

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