Dear Blog … 14.41 – 05/11/18


It’s only Monday ……….

…….. and l am already stressed up to my eyeballs!

My Sister had one task, one task! To go and pick up the cat Jacqui – yesterday!

I got a panicked call 90 minutes ago!

“Rory did you double lock the house?”

“Of course l bloody did, l would be a fool if l didn’t, it’s an empty property! Why?”

“I am here for the cat, and l only have one key and not two.”

It’s at this point that my stress levels next to my anger hit the roof. It’s bloody Monday, and only now she is going for the cat? And what, she doesn’t lock the house?

“Do you not double lock the house??” I ventured.

“Well, since the locks were changed l have only been using the single lock, l sort of forgot to tell you. I am under a lot of stress, l have been medically signed off!”

I can’t write what followed next, there is only a certain amount of profanity that l will use in my blog, but use your imagination and you’ll get the jist. I am a 100 miles away from that house and my so called responsible Sister and prodigal daughter of my late Father, not only doesn’t know how to lock a house up, but is a day late for the poor cat, and now has the absolute gall to throw ‘medical stress in my face! So l had to fast walk down to the post office and send off first class recorded delivery my top lock key which will arrive Wednesday. Why she couldn’t have told me any of this on bloody Saturday, then l would have left keys in the key safe, but oh no, that’s just too responsible isn’t it?

Apparently when my Father was ill, they only used the bottom lock with the property!

Luckily l put down a good quantity of water and food to last a few days, but that is so not the point, I am ‘very’ angry at this present time and stressed at all the other implications afoot here, and it’s only bloody Monday!

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 14.41 – 05/11/18

  1. Frustration rules your day, but cats usually do very well left alone for a short time. Expect vindication when you return though. Don’t leave an open suitcase out like I did. Probably don’t need to explain that; )

    1. Hey Rugby, hope you are well 🙂

      There’s always more to these stories. She promised our Father [call it a dying wish] that she would rehome his elderly cat and not have it PTS’d. She was supposed to rehome 6 weeks ago, but kept making excuses.

      Now there is no option, she must rehome that cat, because we have a neighbour who wanted the cat, but her husband said no. That neighbour can be a troublesome sort, and if she wanted to cause any trouble she could, by calling the authorities who legally here, are entitled to break into a property if they think an animal is in distress. This would cause even greater problems for the property and the estate.

      Now l know cats can be very resourceful, the cat can gain access to the house and be comfortable, and there is sufficient dry foods available for her, but l don’t want this situation being put off any more than is necessary, for not just the cats sake as that holds the priority, but for everyones.

  2. Hang in there, Rory. Yes, cats do well for a few days on their own, ours does all the time. However, 6 weeks is a long time to just “check” on a cat left in a home all alone. The cat definitely needs a new home. It’s annoying when someone is supposed to be responsible for things and can just never get the tasks accomplished. I feel your pain.

    1. Hey KK, oh l know they can survive and they are really resourceful, but she is an older cat and a responsibility was supposed to be carried out weeks ago, and the longer it takes the more stress the cat undergoes.

      My Sister is forgetting that this cat will be stressed, irrelevant to the fact that cats are independant, Jacqui is a very affectionate creature, so she will know that Dad is no longer there, and the crapping in is also in some ways her way of saying this territory is mine, but the house doesn’t need that and Jacqui needs to be loved again on a day to day basis.

      It’s that which upsets me the most, and my Sister’s flippancy annoys the hell out of me. But also, l am annoyed because of the poor security she is displaying.

      1. I totally agree on all points!! The poor kitty!!! She’s probably wondering where your dad is. Is there anyone else that can take over the responsibility? At least for the cat?

        1. Well, my Sister says that as soon as she gets the key, she has a person lined up who is willing and waiting, but with a locked house, no one can gain access until the keys arrive, so sadly not really.

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