That Loving Touch


That Loving Touch


Each and every day is the same for me,
Always will l tend to your demands lovingly,
There is a lot to be done, this l cannot deny,
But worth it in the end, says l,

Each morning l work with the utmost care,
To make sure that your bed is clean and fair,
At times you can make it such a dreadful mess,
Which can cause me the utmost stress!

But l love it when we are in the saddle,
And the fact that you like your rump to be paddled!
I love it when you deliver that incredible caress!
Which l guess is all part and parcel of your finesse,

Romping about as we do in the countryside,
My God, but you know how to give a good ride,
Alas however l need to say and indeed confess,
Of a matter at hand that needs to be addressed,

If you want to see more of the loving touch.
Tonight could you try to not to piss so much!
I understand that you are indeed a big lass,
And that for me to mention it might be seen as crass,

But my love, it’s not you cleaning out the stable,
It is myself, because you are a horse and unable,
So please having placed so much effort into your bed,
Maybe pee in the corner and not so widespread?


© Rory Matier 2012

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