End of Days


End of Days

Been asked to write up a life and death thesis,
With special emphasis on suicidal tendencies !
Such a frightening prospect l have to say,
Having to document someone’s’ potential end of days!
Anyway l managed the first part of the written guide,
But then had the laborious task of studying suicide!

Was l to look at the where, the what’s and the why?
Or was it the method in which they had chosen to die?
Fascinating if somewhat sad subject is has to be said,
Looking into the process many have used to become dead!
And it is a topic that you don’t find many to interview,
Especially if they have successfully seen it through!

Also it is not something that many alive wish to discuss,
Seeing it as a taboo issue of life and something that disgusts!
Those that do end it all, are considered cowardly,
Not facing up to life’s miserable realities!
To finally close their own door upon their life!
Means to the clueless they were not able to cope with strife!

Easy for those who so know it all, to comment upon the death,
Of some poor sod, who contemplated their last breath!
To say that they were weak and not of the right stuff,
And perhaps better off dead if they could not be tough!
Not bothering to even consider ‘unable to cope’
Or that perhaps , the victim to die has lost all hope,

For mankind can be very cruel and cutting this is true,
And is hardly ever present on deaths door to someone so blue!
Not once do they ever take into consideration,
The reasons behind such a personal obliteration!
But quick to say, ‘Oh yes they indeed were not right’
We saw that and thought that perhaps they might!

‘But it is not down to us to get involved and intervene’
‘With someone else’s problems if you see what we mean?’
Perhaps if they had of done, or at least got in the way,
That poor soul would not have been looking at their last day!
Folk can be so righteous especially in the aftermath,
To those who have taken the walkway on the deadly path!

This study of mine, it surely saddens my heart,
For l too have contemplated the final depart,
When times were low for me and life was a strain,
Financial pressures, debts causing nothing but pain,
But l had friends whom were always at my door,
Constantly reminding me of the things to live for,

Suicide statistics are apparently on the decline,
But still every year it’s an act that is not yet benign,
For in the UK alone there are still many untimely deaths,
Of lost and hopeless souls who have taken their last breath,
So spare a thought to those whom don’t have the support,
And if in doubt, smile and step in and try to thwart!

© Rory Matier 2018

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