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Tack Attack Cat Too!

First full day back, l was only gone for three days but it felt like a month! I will not be back in the house until sometime towards the end of the month when Suze is back from down under, although l am to attend the funeral service a week tomorrow. 200 mile round trip for half an hour! Bloody hell … in short a nightmare!

Dad’s house was filthy, it wasn’t just dust and dirt from the time he was ill, it was grime that had collected over a few years of a man not bothered about the state of the house, and probably longer than a few years. I am making him sound really terrible, and he wasn’t, but he simply didn’t bother with himself after his relationship broke up … albeit 20 years ago! But everything l handled left my hands mucky! I don’t think l have ever washed my hands as many times as l did in the three days l was there! So much so, that they are now dry as hell!

Today has most assuredly not gone as planned … l wanted to do this, and that and the other … no, no, not that other! Just another type of other, without it actually being the other – haven’t got any surplus energy at present for anything other than one other and not another other if you follow!

More paperwork, it’s a paper jungle in here at present, three full bags of more paperwork! I had to stop end last week, as my eyes just couldn’t take any more figures, facts, words and basic black and white blurb! I had shredded 2500 sheets and binned perhaps 10k worth, and in a handful of days had read quite possibly 50% of that content. In truth l still have  behind me in the office – professional name for man’s den! Or more appropriately named Doodlepip’s and Dad’s Blog Cave – 8 full A4 double sized lever arch files filled with paperwork, however they hold Dad’s writing.  I also found the core of Dad in so far as a box filled with his diaries since 1956 and considering the fact he was born in 38, that was him at 18, so l am eager to explore ‘the whirrings of young Frankenstein!’

[I am not going to tell my Sister l have them, due to a discovery only yesterday which did annoy me somewhat. She suddenly declared that all 200 photo albums were hers? I was astonished! “What on earth do you want with 200 photo albums? Surely l am allowed a looksee?”

“Well Dad said l could have them all, he said your memory was good enough for you, however l may let you have a look, what are you after?”

“Well l would like to look at the Malaysian years, l don’t want photos of people as l guess that is what you are after? But l am just astounded that you would want all of the albums, do you know how much space they occupy, and l thought you lived in a small flat?”

Because of her attitude, l am not going to mention the diaries. However she doesn’t read anyway, not being derrogative, but she doesn’t read anything at her own concession, so diaries would be no good to someone who just wants to look at pictures! Enough said. Plus if honest with the amount of time Dad spent with her and the grandkids, she probably knows him inside out anyway!]

The paperwork is most assuredly belonging to that of the elder monster, sounds bad, but if you saw what l have been reading in the last week, you might even agree.

My younger Sister was indeed his golden child, as indeed were her children, whilst the only Son, was viewed as something not much better than picking up dog shit on your shoe whilst on a journey out in the woods. It makes for pretty disheartening reading at times, and l can’t help but feel as l have said before, that he KNEW l would be reading this paperwork of his and he knew damn well that my Sister wouldn’t have the faintest of notions to do so, and of course that theory is working on the premise that he knew l would be reading the paperwork, there is of course the simple fact, that he really wasn’t expecting to be dead this year. Therefore he may well have doctored the papers to not show some of the stuff l have been seeing.

He could of taken my advice in 2015 to allow the solicitors to tackle the whole estate and will, however and typical to him, he had a complete lack of respect for solicitors which ironically stemmed from his stupid  legal argument that finalised last year due to his refusal to pay £895 maintenance charges and he ended up paying £18000! He was the one who took them on board and because the battle lasted five years, he blames them for fleecing him and worse LOSING!

I have read that case paperwork sadly and the entire five+ year battle, and he was a fool, he should of just paid the smaller figure to save himself the bigger figure! But pride is a dangerous thing to some people and most assuredly to my Father. He was unabashedly and incredibly obnoxious to people in his correspondence! I am not surprised that so many people simply didn’t like him!

I finally finished the paperwork early this evening, and now have several piles on the floor, so that when l ring the solicitor tomorrow morning, l can gain easy access to what data he might require.

Yesterday morning before Suze and Doodlepip arrived early afternoon to collect me and take me home, l was cleaning out the linen cupboard and to my horror discovered mice had made a fairly hefty nest at the bottom of the top shelf pile and a couple of the suckers jumped out and made me jump, so much so that l fell of the stool l was perched upon, and landing heavily on my feet to my further horror and immediate pain, my left heel made contact with a carpet tack! Yes, it sank all the way in, and l further assure you, that there is no pleasure at extracting a tack from your heel!

Making matters worse, and l am pretty sure l haven’t mentioned this yet, but the beloved Jacqui cat who l pray my Sister has rehomed this afternoon to it’s new owners got into the dreadful habit of crapping in the bathroom! Well the bath to be more precise. I can only think that during the time my Father was ill, the cat had become accustomed to not being let out at the right times, and started pooping in the bathroom!

Yes absolutely disgusting! However yesterday morning, l was brought out of a troubled sleep at 4.32am by the most appalling stench! The cat had full access out of the house, as l had left the internal door ajar so that all she had to do was walk through into the conservatory and leap out of the cat flap. I had before l retired for the night shut the door to the bathroom, and instead of being a bloody proper cat, she decided to crap indoors! ON the carpet and it was not a solid poo, and it reeked!

I was really angry, and groggy as l had only been asleep for a few hours as was, and marched up the corridor and went to investigate how bad it was, and as l went down on my  knees and scolded her, she promptly swiped me and scratched my hand badly enough to cause it to bleed!! Blimey!! I hadn’t even touched her and she decides l am the bad one!! It was safe to say that l was not impressed, but even worse, l was by this time fully awake! More so after trying to clean up that mess without the right cleaning agents!

So yes, l am glad to be gone from that house for the next three weeks!

Anyway, how was your weekend?

Dear Blog ……



13 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 20.35 – 04/11/18

    1. I do feel sorry for Jacqui, more so because she should have been rehomed six weeks ago by my Sister, and l think if she had of been, then the crapping in would not have started. I can forgive Jacqui, it’s annoying that my Father has cream carpet in the house. But l am seriously annoyed with my Sister for dragging her heels over this.

      1. When my grandmother died it turned into a fiasco that was absolutely hilarious. Aunt #1 (through marriage) ran to her apartment first and cleared out as much as she could. Aunt #2 (by adoption) was second and finished clearing everything of perceived value out while accusing Aunt #1 of theft. Aunt #3 made the funeral arrangements while telling Aunt #2 she was NOT invited or permitted to attend the funeral with the rest of the family. My mother was not even told of the funeral or had any say in her mother’s affairs. All that caused a major rift (as if there wasn’t one before) between Aunt #2 and the entire family. The funniest thing happened when Aunt #1 died her husband found all kinds of family photos that were not even my Grandmothers (they were ours that Aunt #2 stole from us when we moved). Funny things happen when family members die.

  1. hi Rory, Just one thing: atypical means the opposite of typical. I’m thinking you meant typical – so apart from being cat-shat, now you get word-nerded.
    Sorry, Cage & Pepsi (the anti-cat dog).

    1. As l am sure you can imagine Britchy – there is a lot going on and not just the death/funeral/estate side to things. Suze is jetting off this lunchtime and can escape the madness for 17 days – she is going to see her own grandkids and that makes everything great for her. Obviously she is worried about Scraps and myself in her absence, but are we affecting her shine – no, her excitement at going battles that 🙂

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