Good Morning Folks



Good Morning Folks – it’s Saturday – and sometime today l will be heading home to Kent. I am looking forwards to it. I will not be back in this house till the end of November, when all going well hopefully, it will be the time just to empty everything out and then place the house on the market. Well that’s the plan anyway. I will be back in this neck of the woods on the 12th for my Father’s funeral service. I have to show, never mind that it is only 30 minutes long … a 200 mile round trip for 30 minutes is madness, absolute madness. Oh well, as Socrates says “shit happens!” Was that Socrates or Gump? One of the two for sure.

So, l will probably write something about last nights capers and malarkey in a bit, but for the time being, have yourselves a lovely day or evening pending where you are.


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