Dear Blog … 19.31 – 02/11/18


Deconstructing Dad!

I am knackered, it’s official, l am seriously bush wacked! I have been non-stop since l last wrote this Morning’s Dear Blog Post, and l am even more achy than l was this morning, sometime this weekend l am going to be in some nasty pain. Whilst l have been mindful of my shoulder and neck, it’s not always easy to completly avoid problems, especially given the task of crunching the house down.

But l am pleased with my work so far. The loungeroom, conservatory and master bedroom are completely different than they were earlier as is the dining room. I have moved all the books into more accessible locations as l have a book buyer coming tomorrow. I had the stamp valuer here this afternoon, and l am very pleased with the awarded value – however – that’s providing a buyer is sourced, because let’s be honest, how many people below the age of fifty these days actually collect stamps. My Father’s collection is extremely specialised making a buyer even harder to locate. We are not simply talking a few stamps of this and that we are talking a very specific genre and era.

I have a bag here with glasses in it, and there must be 50 assorted pairs of spectacles and sunglasses, my Dad was obsessed with them! To boot, the man has more clothing than l have ever known a bloke to own, with at least twenty pairs of shoes! But l have tidied all that up and now we need to either find a clothing buyer or the more realistic approach and award it all to the local charity for the homeless.

I still have a fair distance to go, but l am only doing as much as l can because l will not be here when Suze is down under, but l still have this cloying sensation that my Sister may not actually do a sodding thing during my absence, and if that ‘is’ the case, then when l get back, there will not be much to actually do.

But overall l am pleased with the situation so far.

Anyway, l will be back in full swing, blog wise by Sunday, but for the time being, l gotta go do some more 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 19.31 – 02/11/18

    1. Thanks Sadje, l am pleased, you were quite right earlier, there is a sense of achievement at having a room completed. But equally and also as you pointed out there is a sadness attached as well. There is no joy in breaking down someone’s home. This was my Father’s home for twenty years if not more. These are his things, he collected things throughout his life and they made up his home.

      There is always something as l work that will make me stop dead in my tracks and a memory will pop into my head from another time.

      But more saddening, is that the more l clean and work and in essence intrude in his realm, l see more of the man l didn’t know, and more of the man who simply didn’t know how to communicate himself to his children, and that’s is sad.

      1. Where there are memories attached to things, there is sadness too. In a sense you are saying goodbye to your father. I think that after completing this task, you will have a sense of closer with him.

        1. No sadly not. That is one thing l will not be. I wasn’t close to him when he was alive, nor him to me, his choice from when l was a very young boy. The sadness l feel is because of what we never had, and now never will.

    1. Exactly Lady D, and also Britchy – sometimes some things are out of our control – we simply have to strive to not be the same. I have never been my Father, and yet my Father became his … no learnings at all between those two sadly.

      My Father regretted the fact he did not have a good relationship with his own Father and yet ………..

        1. I understand. It’s the same on this side of the ocean. My hubby’s health does worry us both. We are still waiting for the results of the last medical tests. Fingers crossed.

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