Dear Blog … 09.19 – 02/11/18


9am Mr Achy

I sleep on the couch when l am here sorting things. It is not a great sleep at all, it’s uncomfortable, and it makes your joints seriously tired. My shoulder and neck are already painful, the tablets just do their job … in normal sleeping conditions, but when l am asleep on the couch the tablets don’t do their job that well at all. So this morning, now two nights after sleeping on it, l am in quite a bit of discomfort. I am as you know, sorting through paperwork, what doesn’t need shredding is binned, and the bins for my Father’s apartment are a good 300 feet away from the front door, so l must carry the paper filled bags over to dump them. I deliberately not overfil them, because of my shoulder and neck, try and carry the heaviest of sacks in my left which is stronger, but l still feel the strain.

I fell asleep last night, rather annoyingly at 11pm, l think, l was sorting paperwork whilst watching a film, and awoke to papers on my knees and in pain, so l then staggered the extra 8 feet to the couch, pulled the blanket over me and it was lights out, till around 3am, when l awoke again, got up and locked the house. The last thing l need happen is be murdered in my sleep ha ha! That most assuredly doesn’t guarantee a good wake up.

However then l awoke at 6.30am, and started the day again. As little as five years ago l could stay awake all night, now at 55, l struggle to pull a full 24 hours, l suffer with night owlship and insomnia alike, but no longer can l do a full day with no sleep, and add to that sorting through paperwork.

Now l have finished it, but realised that l am sitting on something that most assuredly is going to create some extra work for the lawyer, and so have stopped on the paperwork for the time being, and when l get back home on Saturday, Suze and l can go through it with fresh eyes and make the necessary postings to the legal bod on Monday. I don’t have the mental energy anymore for going through this last pile easily. So today l will start on the practical house crunching.

I have to make a few phone calls to various people with regards setting up appointments for visits and valuers.

I am a little annoyed at my Sister, who is off for two weeks with ‘stress’, and she isn’t up here, helping with the dismantling of the house, we both know that this house needs to be sorted, but l think, l might be wrong, but l think my Sister doesn’t have the stomach for downgrading the house, all she wants to do is sell the house, but l think she is more than willing to just let me sort the contents out, whilst she sits back and does nothing.

Suze is off to Australia on the 8th and away for 17 days, so not back until the 25th or something, and my Sister is talking about us meeting up here, first weekend after Suze returns? Well Hello, you could be here Sis whilst l am not?

“Oh no she says, we should do it together.”

“My answer of, fine, let’s start now seeing as you are off for two weeks, we can at least get it started.” Falls upon deaf ears.

So here l am 9.19 am this morning, looking at the mammoth task ahead of me, and in all truth, not relishing it at all.

Dear Blog ……

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