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Close Shaves and November Showers,

You take your life into your own hands when using my Father’s shower, you really do. It’s the second time l have had to use it in just over a week, well from the last time l was here anyway. I am a little bit confused how Dad managed to not kill himself!?  Having said that, thinking upon it, the last time he used it considering how quickly he went downhill, must have been maybe in late June of this year.

It’s falling apart, the curtain or glass curtain is just hanging on for its dear life, and the actual shower head is not much better. Truth is, the whole shower fitting is a bit scuppered, there was no dignity this morning as l endeavoured to enjoy a quick dip beneath the heated sprays … did l just say enjoy a quick dip under heated sprays? Well scrap that, that didn’t happen, in fact let’s just call the shower heat tepid at best whilst it lasted and by that l mean the whole shower fitting came off the wall.

I think it’s held on by spit and sellotape! The shower head dropped on my head when l was washing my hair and with suds in my eyes, and a liberal dose of slippy stuff on the floor of the bathtub, l lost my footing in the shock of impact and nearly fell out the side by the glass curtain! I am lucky to still be alive!

Once l managed to get the set up corrected, the water decided to go cold, so l stayed for a further thirty seconds to clear out the suds and then got out smartish!

On one hand l am staggered that Dad with the funds at his disposal he had that he didn’t get the old bathroom pulled out and have a new one fitted, which he could have done with the bathroom, toilet, utility room and kitchen as well, and yet on the other hand l am not. After his last relationship finished, he simply stopped dead in his tracks and l am guessing so too any dreams of improving his living accomodations.

I have brought back the remainder of the paperwork and thankfully now, there isn’t a great deal of it left, two big boxes, l think the disposal of the paper which amounts to a small forest in itself is going to be the hardest bit. I have brought my shredder with me, and l am tired of shredding, and angry that Dad kept so much useless paper documents in storage that simply didn’t need to be kept.

All the documents from his failed court case of last year, which cost him £18000 which could have gone towards a brand new bathroom refit, and yet was lost because he didn’t wish to pay £850 10 years ago. It still baffles me. After reading the 3000 document relating to it, l simply have given up on that paper trail, there is nothing there of value – he tried, he lost, and then he should of disposed of the documents, but no, 24 A4 lever arch files, and six boxes of useless paper later and he lost! I agree with fighting for a moral and just cause, but he had five losses before the big loss in 2017. I would have stopped after loss 2. David vrs. Goliath may have been the ideal, but witnessing the Fall of Troy is not so gung ho!

But as l was reading an assortment of documents l came across the correspondence between him and his lost love of well over 20 years ago. I thought they had been togfether for quite a few years but the reality of it, was a mere four years. My Sister always maintained his ex was a gold digger, and l now no longer believe that. Fine, l don’t agree with the way she expected him to choose his family or her, he should have negotiated a better deal, or simply accepted they were never going to work. But that woman wanted children with him, and he had wanted children with her as well, but despite all her faults – she wasn’t a gold digger. Otherwise she would have taken the cheques that Dad mailed her which totalled to a grand sum of £4000. But she didn’t, she sent them all back and told him in 1995 to move on with his life, and yet by 2000 he was still pestering her!?

In the end she simply disappeared, and so he had to stop. That is when the bitterness started for him towards his own children, but however my Sister was easily bought financially, which is kind of ironic if you think about it? The ex wasn’t a gold digger, and yet my Sister who proclaimed she was benefitted very well out of the ex disappearing off the planet!

I don’t know if Dad had wanted me to see all his paperwork, because there is a lot of stuff in there concerning everything my Sister got financially from 2000 or he had wanted my Sister who cannot stand writing or reading to handle all of it, it’s hard to fathom, and l think it’s best not to ponder on it. My Sister and her children hit the jackpot with Dad and he started to pay for absolutely everything right up until perhaps 2 years ago. I do mean everything as well, it’s unpleasant reading at best.

Hey ho, that’s life! But maybe that is what he meant when he said that my Sister “owed him!” all those months ago.


I went to bed at 4am this morning according to the clock on the wall, and thinking l got up at 7am, realised l had forgotten to change the alarm clock in my phone and so in truth l was up at 6am!! Ha ha! Got to laugh, no wonder l feel a bit groggy!

Solicitor’s this morning, medical equipment out this afternoon, and hopefully Jacqui the cat moved to her new home, l will miss her as she is actually very much into companionship, so l hope her new home will realise that of her. My Sister apparently is now signed off for two weeks sick leave due to mental stress, but she will not be doing anything to Dad’s house , and l will not be back here after Saturday afternoon till sometime in later November due to Suze going to Oz.

I think my Sister may be in for a bit of a wake up call with regards this morning’s legal meeting, she seems to think there is no need for probate, not realising that the reason we must get quotes on all the assets for the house is for probate. Oh well, we live and learn, no point otherwise eh?

Catch you all later,

Dear Blog ……

7 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 08.15 – 01/11/18

  1. Your efforts are paying off as you are nearing the end of the paperwork mountain. Best of luck with the rest.

  2. Morning Rory :O) I probably shouldn’t laugh but your telling of the shower debacle really made me chuckle. Hopefully you’ll emerge from under the paper mountain fully intact! x

  3. Oh, dear. I’m thinking of you so much at the moment. I went through similar stress and paper mountain a few years ago… Hang in there. You will get through this. Best of luck.

  4. Aaaaah probate….my mum and my uncle had all that fun to deal with when my Grandfather died in the spring. There should be a class at school to explain things like probate, because it is a headache.

    Rory…that shower sounds lethal. I too found myself laughing…and then I felt bad…but the way you described your shower conjured such a vivid scene in my mind (a perfectly modest scene!)

    Shame you had to spend so much time shredding…sounds as if you could have had a huge bonfire with all that paperwork to destroy. I am sure you are going to be glad to get home for a while.

    1. Hey Mel, panic not l laughed about it afterwards 🙂

      Yes you are right spot on, l always believed we should have had more on hands real life classes, with banking, probate, mortgages and so on.

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