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The Day so far ………….

………….. but first let’s set the ambience!

I know Kristian, Tina Turner does it better, but l love the vibrancy of this mix 🙂

Well l am still struggling with paperwork, lots and lots of paperwork, heaps of it, and a tonne more shredding to deal with. It’s never ending, it’s kind of ironic that my Dad who was all for save the tigers – admirably so, and yet he didn’t think twice about knocking out a forest the size of a football field for all the bloody paperwork!!! Brilliant we can save the tigers but wipe out their habitat! Love the irony!

Hopefully l can finish at least with the sorting of paperwork tonight, because l am tiring, really tiring of it. But at least l am now on the household paperwork.

The visit with the solicitors went okayish, l prefer the term lawyer over solicitor which always makes me think of soliciting and then l think of prostitutes! Maybe that ‘s just my mind, but l prefer the other term. However, l hope he is a good one because he was shy and retiring and the poor man had a dreadful stutter and looked constantly perplexed and he made me think of Dangermouse – oh don’t ask, l really don’t know why either. But he did.

He believed that it would be an easy probate to secure and finalise and my Sister was thrilled, but l am not, and more so since the discovery of the recent paperwork which means we will cross the threshhold of inheritance tax of grading scales of 40%, because of the sheer amount of money my Sister has had over the last seven years from my Father. It’s not something that can be avoided l feel. However, we will see.

Now, l know when the wool is being pulled over my eyes, and currently l am beginning to feel like a woolly ram, no, not like one as in want one, as in l feel like a ram that is woolly!  My Sister is trying to hoodwink me into believing all sorts of things different to how my Father explained certain things, but then l found out this year that my Father had been lying to not just me, but also her, so it is fast becoming a bit like a kaleidoscope as in there are all sorts of colourful patterns emerging!

Jacqui the cat is still with me, and is now not moving out until Sunday, apparently, l hope, considering l am only here till Saturday afternoon, l seriously hope that she will be rehomed as it isn’t fair on her to not be moved and only have companionship when l return. She is only one of the cats here that needs rehoming, however she is flesh and blood and breathing whereas the other 87 are all stuffed and in various shapes and sizes. I am of course referring to Dad’s Toy Tiger collection. This places me in a conundrum also, as many of you will know that l cannot stand to see abandoned teddy bears, well tigers sort of fall into this catagory also! Bear Necessities 2018

I will take a photograph of the tigers here before l leave and show you them all, as one of them as l explained last week is huge!! But l feel really sorry for them, and l dread the fact that some may be thrown away!!

I have a mammoth task ahead of me in the next couple of days, sorting out wise, my Dad’s house, is a house more than a home, although l guess it was a home to him, but to me, it’s a house full of things, books, albums, crikey, l have never known a person to have now what appears to be 200 albums of photos! There must be close to 3000 books here, which is also a nightmare, as the book market is tricky at best, luckily there are some specialist books, and of course his stamps. I have a chap coming tomorrow to give me an idea on price. But he has quite the retro collection of 45’s here as well, another specialist market. But he also has wine!!

Oh don’t get so excited, trust me it’s awful he must have forty bottles of wine that has been sitting in wine racks for twenty years untouched, some may be ok, some may be able to be sold as poison to would be murdererrs, other bottles have seriously fermented and are starting cultures of their own, but that is something that has to be dealt with somehow. I even spied a bottle of Ouzo, l bought for him nearly thirty years ago when on holiday in Greece with Ratcatcher!! [l did tell you that Ratcatcher and l went on holiday after the Dracula Tour a couple of times] and it still had liquid in it, and upon trying a sip, it was still the same stuff!! It practically blew my head off, and l am still to find my left ear somewhere in the kitchen!!

There is so much to do. people to ring. tigers to save, cat to rehome, food to dump, crockery and , and oh yeah! I am still in stunned shock to find so much of the house contents of the family home when my Sister, my parents and myself were pretending to be a family living in the house together. But Dad still has barrel loads of the old house in this house!! He still has the same three piece loungeroom suite and he hasn’t had it cleaned once!! But everywhere l look l am seeing stuff that l grew up with as a kid, from crockery, cuttlery, glassware, wine, jars, the cooker!! That cooker is about as reliable as a World War 2 naval mine would be now! I swear it is just awaiting the time to blow up! But that thing is nearly forty years of age!! 40!!!

I don’t understand it all, l mean really. I find myself wondering if l didn’t have Suze in my life would l end up like he did, an ageing Aspie, surrounded by yesterday’s contents?

Oh well, time to do some more paperwork, catch you later for the Good night post. I will try and write something tomorrow, and maybe post a Game On S2 🙂

Dear Blog ……


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  1. You’re getting there. It’s so sad to see relics like old furniture, crockery etc. it does take one back to the childhood. Some people find it really hard to throw away or give away things they no longer use or need.

    1. On the paperwork l am 95% there and everything else is really hard work at present. I have a couple of book buyers coming tomorrow amd a stamp dealer later this afternoon 🙂

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